M·A·C Paint Pots

MAC Paint Pots[click photo for a larger version]

While I photographed my three latest Paint Pots I decided to do a quick post on all my Paint Pots by M·A·C, and here you have all 14 of them! I love the gradient, and just looking at this picture instantly makes me smile. Since it might be difficult to read their labels, I'll add their names below. I must admit.. I'm a little bummed out as my Coral Crepe and Delft have already started drying out, while some of the older ones are in pristine shape still. Oh well, maybe it's a sign to start using them?

  • Soft Ochre
  • Painterly
  • Fresco Rose
  • Nice Vice -Fafi for M·A·C 2008
  • Idyllic -Posh Paradise 2011
  • Coral Crepe -Prêt-à-Papier 2010
  • Cash Flow -Fafi for M·A·C 2008
  • Greenstroke
  • Rollickin' -Fafi for M·A·C 2008
  • Delft
  • Pure Creation -Posh Paradise 2011
  • Electro Sky -Alexander McQueen for M·A·C 2007
  • Imaginary -Posh Paradise 2011
  • Blackground

Soft Ochre is one of my all-time favorite neutral bases. I find it a lot softer and smoother than Painterly, which seems to be a coveted HG product worldwide, and it also fits my skin tone a lot better. I can't really pick any favorites from the rest of the bunch, but Imaginary is absolutely stunning. Nice Vice, Coral Crepe and Cash Flow are also gorgeous, and Delft should certainly be a part of any makeup collection.

Since I'm one of those unfortunate souls with oily skin and eyelids, I'm unable to use Paint Pots without using a primer underneath. If I skip the primer, they will crease like crazy. It's a common misconception that the M·A·C Paint Pots are primers, so it's important to remember that they are indeed cream-based eyeshadows, which can also be used as bases.

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '11