Warning: Nail Polish Pr0n

Mr. Postman always makes my day. On October 6th he came by with my very first order from Nail Supplies. Since I had a moment of boredom a while back I went a little crazy for nail polishes, and this is my haul. I have no idea why I keep hoarding nail polish, but I cannot seem to avoid it. Thank goodness for thinner! So today my Small Flat Rate arrived in my mailbox, filled to the brim with gorgeous nail polishes in wonderful colors perfect for fall! I also finally got around to picking up two new base/top coats: CND™ Stickey™ and Gelous™ Gel - the latter is said to be a very good coat for topping off glitter polishes, because of its thicker consistency.


Little Pieces of Treasure

I was very excited when Mr. Postman came by with a domestic package for me yesterday, since I was expecting a little something from the wonderful and talented Neglelakkmani. She made me a ring and a necklace using nail polish, and I'm in awe! Unfortunately the ring was bit too big for my stick fingers, but with a handy boyfriend like Øyvind we managed to fit it to my ring finger, and I've been wearing it with pride all day. My own little portable night sky! When I held the pendant up to the light I ended up just sitting there, flipping it back and forth to watch the amazing play of colors. Seriously, if you don't already own this nail polish you're lacking an essential piece to any collection. It's gorgeous! The pendant looks like it's filled with magic, plain out amazing. Grin

She used essie® "Starry Starry Night" for the ring, and Make Up Store "Lava" over a black nail polish for the pendant. These are definitely two pieces of jewelery I'll keep close to my heart. Thank you so very much, Karianne!

Do you wish to see more?
Visit Neglelakkmani or take a look at her Flickr gallery.

Photos © Neglelakkmani


Shoe Shopping

Falkanger: model 132I wasn't really planning on going shopping today, but somehow I suddenly found myself at Falkanger Sko AS where I discovered these gorgeous booties. Well, there's usually no harm in looking, but last fall I was desperately looking for a nice pair of booties, exactly like these ones, so how could I leave them behind? I couldn't. Epic fail.

But the truth is that I absolutely love them! Trust me, they look a lot better in real life than in the picture. I got them in size 36 (3½ US), and they look so cute on my foot - perfect to wear with just about anything, and without having to endure any pain in the process. Anyone who's been wearing heels one time or another knows that it can be quite painful, and I can't say I disagree (even though I don't actually walk on them). Sneakers are nice, but not always fitting if you're wearing a nice dress or maybe a cute skirt, and I'm quite picky when it comes to shoes and boots.

Apart from my new booties, Mr. Postman came knocking as well. He brought me a small package from the US containing two nail polishes: Sephora by OPI Iris I Was Thinner (medium iris purple) and essie® Midnight Cami (shimmering deep twilight blue) - two absolutely gorgeous colors! I'm hoping he'll be back with more packages the following days - I'm still waiting for my two prizes from Sleek MakeUP, and a few other goodies I've ordered for myself to celebrate something I'll tell you about very soon. I'm also expecting Mr. DHL to come by sometime during next week, and I know someone who'll be extremely happy to receive a few of the treasures he's bearing - apart from myself of course!

I wonder if maybe a collective M·A·C haul post is coming up? Grin

Photo © Falkanger Sko AS


Pastels for summer!

Nail Polish HaulMr. Postman apparently decided to brighten up my day a little as he brought me two packages today! I haven't received any mail for a long time. For normal people the definition of "a long time" might differ a bit from mine, but I'm the one doing the defining here. The first package contained a small eBay haul of nail polishes after a recommendation from Pinchy Peach, and I'm thrilled! I do have to blame one of the polishes on Neglelakkmani, for including it when she swatched three slightly different lilacs for me in the end of March. The polish I'm talking about is OPI A Grape Fit!, and I absolutely love the color. I had OPI Do You Lilac It? from before, and it's been a favorite ever since I used it the first time. What would life be like without purples?

The rest of the haul mainly consisted of essie® The Resort Collection (Splash of Grenadine, Lapis of Luxury, Turquoise & Caicos, Playa del Platinum), China Glaze Something Sweet and essie® Matte About You (matte top coat), as I mentioned here. I'm a bit disappointed in ChG Something Sweet, because it seems to be one of those completely off pinks which make my skin turn ashy. Who'd wanna look like a zombie? With pink nails? Bah. I'll have to try it out though, I might be wrong. And if you want to see Theo making a sneaky guest appearance while Øyvind is taking pictures of my haul, feel free to click here.

Moving on to the second package! On May 4th I received a very nice comment from Kari, who wanted to know whether or not I'm pleased with our beloved Nespresso Lattissima and also asking me for my address so she could send me a little something from Nespresso for PR. How cool isn't that? So today I received some free capsules of Nespresso's new coffee Fortissio Lungo - purrfect! Thank you so much, Kari.

Imagine that, my blog actually contributed in getting me a cool freebie. Grin

Photo © Øyvind H. '10