Gillio Medium Compagna in Epoca Orange

I'm seriously thinking about making this a blog about obsessions, because I suffer from all kinds of them. This Filofax obsession turned into a stationery obsession, which turned into a general planner obsession, and these days I just seem to be obsessed with ..whisky. And boys.

Another current obsession worth mentioning is my precious Gillio(s). I've been using my orange Slim Compagna since I received it exactly two months ago today. I wasn't sure I'd like the Slim, as it only has 15mm rings and I'm a certified insert hoarder, but I like that it's light, easy to write in without having to remove my pages first, and I'm actually unable to clutter it up with useless inserts, stickers and sticky notes. I'm not usually a very big fan of orange, but Sir Ludo - which I just realized I haven't even mentioned before - made me fall in love with the color. And Gillio. I'll talk about Sir Ludo later. Since I've also come to the realization that naming one's planner is borderline insanity I haven't named my Slim, and keep calling it ..«it».

Gillio Medium Compagna

I've now talked myself into another dazzling confusion, and no longer have any idea why I started this post, apart from it having something to do with my Slim Compagna. I know that much. And I think it might have had something to do with stamps as well.

Let's talk about Sir Ludo instead, shan't we? The story behind this purchase is rather long, but to make it shorter I purchased it pre-loved from a woman through Facebook. It was love at first glance, and I dubbed it Sir Ludo. The color is gorgeous, the texture on this specific planner reminds me so much of a luscious orange, the fruit I mean – which is also the color of this epoca leather, and I love the fact that any scratches can be rubbed out using only your fingers. This type of leather also develops a very nice, shiny patina from frequent use, which is very much desired buy all Gillionaires out there – and to be quite honest, these are the only planners I’d rather purchase pre-loved than new just because they age amazingly.

So there you have it. My current obsessions.

Photo(s) © Shamini Thevarajah 2015