“Mo Anam Cara”

Mr. Postman stopped by today as well, as he has done the last three days! Imagine that, receiving mail for three days in a row. Today he brought me some more magnets for depotting, but since I suck in math I ordered the wrong size, so I now have 100+ magnets in same size as M·A·C use. If you are in need of magnets, leave me a comment or an e-mail and I'll sell you some of mine.

Mo Anam CaraThe other package he brought me was a small bubble wrapper, and inside was a solid .925 Sterling Silver band. I bought a band on eBay, with the inscription "Mo Anam Cara" which translates into "My Soul Mate", and it was shipped to me from Galway, Ireland. I don't know what it is, but I think a part of me must be Irish, at least in my heart and soul. I'm aware that it might be a weird thing to buy for myself, but I don't really care. I love the band, and it fits perfectly on my right middle finger. In between the three words a small Claddagh is placed. The Claddagh has had a very special place in my heart for a long time, and I always wear the Claddagh on my finger.

"Let love and friendship reign forever"


Another prize from Sleek MakeUP!

Yesterday Mr. Postman came back with two more packages for me, one from Sleek MakeUP and another from one of my trusted eBay sellers containing "Perennial High Style" lipglass from M·A·C Give Me Liberty of London. The package from Sleek MakeUP contained the two kajals in "Odyssey" and "Nocturnal" that I won in one of their FaceBook contests in late April, and I was extremely happy to receive them! I'll say.. the purple one looks amazing! Now, since the palettes arrived the day before and the kajals yesterday, I'm interpreting it to be a sign for me to do a Sleek EOTD soon. I've also decided to redo my sunset EOTD, but I'll try something different first, as I'm planning to try out the purple "Odyssey".

So I tried swatching them (here) to show you how nice they look, but because of the flash they only show up shiny or greasy on the picture - and to me they are neither. I'll try to add better swatches some other time, but at least you can see the colors. The black is black, and the purple one is kinda metallic and gorgeous. Both are very creamy, easy to apply and I can't wait to try them out on my eyes. I don't have sensitive eyes, so unfortunately I can't tell you if they are suitable for those of you who have. I think I'd recommend setting them with an eye shadow, but I'll be back with a review when I've tested them a few times.

Sleek MakeUP FaceBook Contest Prize: Kajals
Sleek MakeUP FaceBook Contest Prize: Kajals

These kajals cost €7.99 a piece - which would be about 64,- NOK with today's exchange rate - and can easily be ordered here. Please remember that shipping will apply, as well as taxes according to the value and quantity of your order.

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '10

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essie® The Resort Collection

It's been quite some time since I obsessed with nail polish last, but now I've found the perfect polish for summer: essie® The Resort Collection. It was love at first sight, and I knew I had to have them. I don't have much experience with essie®, apart from the one bottle of "Starry Starry Night" that I own, but I'm hoping this will be a nice experience. I'm not a several-layers-girl, and those of you who know me know that every time I find a polish that needs more than two, or preferably one coat, all I want to do is to throw it out the window.

Essie The Resort Collection

Because of this huge ordeal with Trans Design not shipping internationally anymore, I had to resolve to eBay once again. I had been planning to place another order with Trans Design for quite a while, but I kept postponing it without really knowing why - and suddenly it was too late. Thanks to Pinchy Peach I found a seller who offered all the seven items I was out to get, and that made this transaction very smooth indeed. The three other items in my shipment are ChG Something Sweet from the Up & Away collection, OPI A Grape Fit! and then essie® Matte About You Top Coat. I'm not overly enthusiastic about matte nail polish, but with a matte top coat I'm at least able to choose for myself if I want my manicure to be glossy or matte.

I was trying to sell some of my nail polishes, but I kinda failed. When push came to shove I couldn't part with them after all, and I ended up keeping them all - I'm such a color junkie! I think I will be giving it another shot by hosting a little "blog sale" soon, where you can get your hands on some China Glaze, Sally Hansen and maybe a few other brands of nail polish. Some of the bottles have never been opened, others have been swatched lightly once.

Photo © essie®


Maybelline® Dream Mousse Concealer

Maybelline Dream Mousse ConcealerI've heard so many things about the Maybelline® Dream Mousse products, although mainly about the blushes, that I've been wanting to try them for a while now. For instance, Marlena from MakeupGeek loves them and just recently featured two of them in her "Top 6 Blushes!" article. As far as I know these products aren't available in Norway, or at least I haven't seen them anywhere. If you know something I don't, then please leave a comment below!

Jo from jomakemeblush used her Maybelline® Dream Mousse Concealer in Beige (best suited for medium skin tone) prior to applying her lipstick in one of her latest YouTube videos, and I just love how M·A·C Vegas Volt (full power coral) looks on her - it went straight onto my wishlist. I decided to go on a little eBay mission to find this concealer - I actually don't own a single concealer yet - but unfortunately I quickly discovered that the names and colors are completely different in the US and UK. Why on Earth would they make this so complicated? Since Jo is from the US, she uses her concealer in Beige as already said. There's no such color in the UK color scale, but after doing a little research I think the UK equivalent is Rose Beige. In the US you can choose between the following five shades: Fair, Ivory, Cream (light), Beige (medium), Latte (dark) - and in the UK you can choose between four shades: Nude Beige, Natural, Sand and Rose Beige.

After a quick search on eBay I found several sellers offering this concealer in several shades, and I decided to buy one from the US, in Beige. I ended up paying $10.94 ($4.99 plus $5.95 for shipping), which would be about 67,- NOK. I also noticed that the US and UK prices were just about the same. If I were getting one from a UK seller I'd pay 65,- NOK included shipping, so it all comes down to which shade you ultimately end up choosing.

Photo © Maybelline®