Illamasqua Dystopia Pink Smoke Quad

Illamasqua Dystopia: Pink SmokeEver since Illamasqua launched their collection Dystopia for autumn/winter 2009 I've been drooling over "Pink Smoke" and "Purple Smoke", the two absolutely gorgeous quads. For some idiotic reason I didn't jump on it when I had the chance, and even though I've been on the verge of getting it from ASOS several times, I never did. When I finally decided to order my favorite of the two, "Pink Smoke", I noticed to my horror that it had sold out. I asked Illamasqua via Twitter if these quads could still be obtained in any way, but I was told that they were both limited editions, so sadly no.

By pure coincidence I noticed that Illamasqua actually had "Pink Smoke" still in stock, and I hurriedly slipped it into my shopping basket. I did notice the small print saying "Available in the EU only", but I was hoping it meant "Europe" and not "European Union". Unfortunately it wouldn't let me check out due to the fact that Norway isn't a part of EU, and I was forced to leave this gorgeous quad. Boo! Thankfully I have fantastic friends, and I got two almost instant replies on Twitter by two wonderful girls offering to get it for me - thank you darlings, you know who you are! The easiest way was to order it from Illamasqua myself, and have it sent to a friend of mine who lives in the UK.

As already said it's a quad, and comes with the four colors: "Matter", "Quantum", "Synth" and "Rasp", whereas three of them are shimmery and the fourth matte. Each of the shades are 1.5 grams, and the quads cost £29 each which would be about 269,- NOK with today's exchange rate. A bit expensive to my taste, but it really resembles the quad from Lancôme Pink Irreverence which I really wanted, but refrained from buying because of the stiff ridiculous price.

I'm happy to announce that Illamasqua "Pink Smoke" is now mine!

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '10