Depotting Bonanza!

We just had another depotting session, while many of my fellow makeup addicts were enjoying themselves at IMATS'10 in Los Angeles. Envious much? You bet. I have a dream about making it to the London IMATS some day, but that will require a fair amount of planning ahead. Anyway, I decided to go ahead and depot my last M·A·C eye shadows, so I can take the pots with me to Paris to have them B2M'ed. Most of the ones I had left to depot came in my last shipment from the US, but the first eight on the list below have been sitting in my drawer for a minor eternity. Now they're all safely placed in my MUFE palette, ready to be organized into M·A·C palettes whenever I find the time.

MAC eye shadows: depotted


Depotting those M·A·C eye shadows

I have a drawer where I keep my potted eye shadows from M·A·C, and from time to time I feel I have accumulated enough to justify a depotting session. It has to be done properly, and it takes some time to do it my way. I don't settle for doing anything half way. We haven't had one single casualty yet, and I'm very pleased with that seeing that we've depotted quite a few since the first one, a little more than a year ago. Today we ended up depotting 12 of the LE ones in my drawer, and I seriously feel the urge to do some reorganizing soon - and with reorganizing comes updated pictures!

    Warm & Cosy (December 2009)

  • Chamomile (satin)
  • Modelette (satin)
  • Mulled Cider (satin)
    Love Lace (December 2009)

  • Hypnotizing (frost)
  • Love Lace (veluxe pearl)
  • Suave Intentions (veluxe pearl)
    All Races, All Sexes, All Ages (January 2010)

  • All Races (matte)
  • Showstopper (matte)
    Give Me Liberty of London (March 2010)

  • Birds & Berries (veluxe pearl)
  • Bough Grey (satin)
  • Dame's Desire (frost)
  • Give Me Liberty of London (matte)

My drawer never seems to empty, and now I'm awaiting some LE eye shadows from collections like Spring Colour Forecast, Prêt-à-Papier, and the newest collection To the Beach - which will lead to more depotting, and more reorganizing. Since these are also LE they are only available in pots, and therefore in desperate need of depotting to fit in one or.. four of my precious palettes.

I wish I was able to make a career for myself within makeup and art, so it wouldn't seem like such a waste. I mean, I do have a lot of makeup - mainly eye shadows, since that's the product I use the most - but it keeps me occupied, I love to play with colors and looks, and I enjoy all the gorgeous colors available! It's a dear hobby to me, and at least I don't splurge on clothing, shoes, the hair dresser or other expensive hobbies in addition to my makeup, or rather eye shadow addiction.