Haul: Nordstrom, Stila and eBay

One should think I'd be done shopping for a while after London, but no. Mid-month means an account refill, and money equals the joy of online shopping! ..to a certain extent of course, paying my debts, bills and other expenses always come first.


  • M·A·C Crushed Metallic Pigment in "Butterfly Party"
  • M·A·C Crushed Metallic Pigment in "Aloha"
  • M·A·C Eye Shadow x4 in "Call Me Bubbles"
  • Tweezerman ProCurl Lash Curler

For the first time in a long while I found something I really wanted from M·A·C: Crushed Metallic Pigment in "Butterfly Party" and "Aloha" from the M·A·C Vera collection, and the "Call Me Bubbles" quad from Shop M·A·C. When I first started out as an innocent little M·A·C enthusiast a few years back I might have picked up all three quads in this collection, but now I feel like it's pointless and a waste to pick up a quad for one or two colors. "Call Me Bubbles" was the only quad I could picture myself using, and it's perfect for springtime. Interesting enough I didn't feel like any of the lipsticks were worth going bananas over, although I did like "Runaway Red" - but seeing as it's a blue-based red I figured I'd leave it be. After seeing a lot of swatches of the "Shop & Drop" quad I'm leaning towards picking it up while it's still available as it's said to have wonderful pigmentation, and.. it's purple, need I say more?

MAC Vera: Butterfly Party and Aloha Crushed Metallic Pigment

I already own a few different lash curlers, but I haven't really found one that I love. I'm lemming the infamous lash curler from Shu Uemura I was planning on getting in Paris last summer. Unfortunately it was quite expensive there, and I didn't feel like spending €40 on a lash curler. So I decided to try out the one from Tweezerman instead. I just realized that these two lash curlers cost exactly the same in the US, so I might as well have gotten the Shu Uemura one.. but I already placed the order. Do your research people, preferably before ordering, it might turn out to be the intelligent thing to do!


Dazzlesphere! Dazzlesphere!

I happened to go to M·A·C a week before Christmas, and look what just happened to follow me home: two of the three Dazzlesphere! Ornaments from the holiday collection, namely Smoky Blue and Smoky Plum. And here I was, swearing that I wasn't going to pick up any of them as I didn't like the swatches I'd seen on other blogs. Everywhere I see people calling them cute, speaking fondly of the "fantastic" packaging, but frankly.. I'm afraid I fail at recognizing the awesomeness in a semi-large plastic sphere? Am I missing something? Can it actually be used for something? My guess is it'll sit on a vanity or desk, collecting dust.

These sets are the same Crushed Metallic Pigments as the ones released with M·A·C Spring Colour Forecast and Surf Baby!, which is a set of four corresponding pigments in one stack. As I was standing there, speaking with one of the makeup artists, I swatched a few of the colors in the purple stack on my hand. Just for the fun of it. And I liked them quite a lot. I have to be honest about Light Violet in the purple stack being quite useless, and I kinda have the urge to throw it out because of its lousy quality. It's impossible to swatch, impossible to work with, impossible to stick to the skin, just.. impossible. I do on the other hand like the rest of the colors, and I'm wondering if I should have picked up the third sphere Smoky Berry as well, just because of the dark strawberry color called "Spicy Smoke". It's such a beautiful color! As I recently saw someone else saying: one should have been able to mix and match these stacks oneself. Unfortunately they are quite pricey in Norway, so I won't be getting the third ornament unless I'm able to get it from the US at retail price before it's gone. If you poke around the internet you'll find a lot of different opinions on which of these kits are the best of the bunch, but I'll have to say that my personal favorite must be Smoky Blue. For some odd reason it actually reminds me of a wintery fairytale, giving me a fuzzy feeling.

MAC Dazzlespheres! Smoky Blue Ornament MAC Dazzlespheres! Smoky Plum Ornament
Dazzlesphere! Smoky Blue Ornament Dazzlesphere! Smoky Plum Ornament

Sadly I'm not half as intrigued by the collections M·A·C keep pushing out as I used to be, so most things just pass me by unnoticed. I've stopped keeping track of release dates. I already own a lot of stuff from M·A·C (from older collections), but I don't have the urge to own every single piece released anymore. I guess the magic has gone, and I honestly feel a little sad about it. I don't understand what the people behind M·A·C are thinking, but the constant price increase, the insanely expensive "special" collections, the downsizing of actual product, the diminishing quality - what is going on when not even repromotes have the same color payoff and quality as the original product anymore? - is not making me wanna buy more, it's making me stray away from the brand that used to be my very favorite, feeling nothing but cheated and ripped off. It's been a nice few years, M·A·C. I hope we can rekindle our passionate relationship some other time.

Photos: M·A·C Cosmetics