Entering the Pink Phase!

I don't shop for clothes very often, but some times I find something special that really catches my eye. Like these two items. The funny thing is that I hate the color pink. Cannot stand it. I know pink is a color that looks good on me, but I've spent most of my years as an adult trying my best to avoid owning anything pink. I think I own a few pairs of pink socks, a pink (and black) pajamas, possibly a pink long-sleeve and some pink makeup - oh, and I almost forgot my Clarisonic Mia of course, but that was to support a good cause. I can't think of anything else. But then I found these two jackets, and I had to have them both.

I'm not gonna start a discussion here, we're all entitled to have our own opinions, but I'm a little bit disappointed in the fact that the pink jacket is a non-leather jacket. I mean, I wish it was leather - but on the other hand it cost me 199,- NOK (about $33 with today's exchange rate) from Ellos, which is totally OK. I'm on the constant lookout for cropped jackets, my absolute favorite, since they're easy to put on, nice to wear and they don't end up in annoying folds behind my back. And out of six colors I picked.. yep, you guessed it: pink.

Then today I came across pictures posted on Facebook by Ragnaråkk of some of their newly arrived merchandise, and among them I found the Cupcake Cult hoodie. What can be better than a cool hoodie with both a voodoo bunny and a cupcake? I just hope it's as comfy as my Iron Fist hoodie. I e-mailed them immediately and asked them to hold it for me, so I'll be picking it up tomorrow. Awesome! I'm already picturing an outfit with the hoodie, the pink jacket and maybe my favorite Legsley Holes from Never Denim? Naturally topped off with some fierce makeup.

Yay! Grin

Photo: JSFN Pink Jacket © Ellos
Photo: Cupcake Cult Hoodie © Ragnar√•kk