Puppy Show: Norsk Boxer Klubb

So the season for showing dogs has started, and today we drove to Ler to show Cuda for the first time. I might be a bit biased, but I think he did very well - and it's so fun to watch him. His tail never stops wagging, and he's not afraid of anything. Guichon's My Name Is No No Bad Boy is an extraordinary LC male, and I'm hoping Cuda will follow in his sire's footsteps as he grows up. Unfortunately he was the only male shown in his class today, so he automatically was rewarded two red ribbons. What can I say, I like a little competition! Later on he also competed against his sister Daisy, who also won her class, for the BOB (Best of Breed) title, but ended up receiving BOS (Best of Opposite Sex).

5 ½ mnd, bra størrelse og proposjoner, fine ører, velfylt panne, korrekt stopp. Ønskes noe sterkere pigmentering. Kompakt kropp, bra hals, bra ben og poter, stram overlinje, velansatt hale, bra sidebevegelser. Løfter ben noe høyt. Utmerket temperament.

Judge: Arne Foss, Norway

I also want to take the opportunity to praise the people who organized this puppy show, Norsk Boxer Klubb Trøndelag, for being conscious of my wheelchair and for holding a parking spot for us right by the entrance. Thank you for making this a very nice experience!

Our next planned show will be in late April, when we're headed for Sunndalsøra together with Venke and Jan Åge from Kennel Venjan.

January 22nd 2011: Venjan's Lille Hinkel Pinkel BOS

Photo © Jan Åge Pedersen, Kennel Venjan



Theo & Cuda
Artwork © Filippa Einsbohr


Shopping for dog collars

On a lighter note.. I went online shopping again last night. On eBay. Shocking, huh? I've been looking for a couple of collars for Theo and Cuda for a couple of months now, and I've had a specific design in mind. It turned out to be very difficult to find these collars, even though it's supposed to be a standard collar, but late last night I struck gold and they were even reasonably priced.

Theo has a gorgeous medium brown leather collar with studs, but unfortunately it's a bit to heavy at the buckle. This causes the collar to turn around all the time, and it's annoying. It's also a bit stiff, and a little too long. When we visited Kennel Venjan to meet Cuda for the first time, we borrowed a collar for Theo and it was just perfect. It was soft, light enough to stay in place, and cute! So I decided to buy a couple of these, but I couldn't find them anywhere - until tonight. And the very best ting was the price, because I paid £4.95 a piece - that's about 137,- NOK for two collars and shipping! Since it's faux leather I'm hoping it'll be a tad bit lighter than the one Theo's already got, and the bone charm is so cute! So I ended up with a brown collar for Theo, and a black one for Cuda - and seriously, if they can't use them it's no big loss.

Sometimes I'm glad I can use our dogs as an excuse to go shopping. I mean, expecting mail isn't less exciting when it's for the little ones - one's gotta love Mr. Postman. I also ordered a couple of round ID tags, but I'm afraid they might be a bit too big for these small dogs. I paid $4.50 for two tags included individual engraving, so I'm not expecting them to be of superior quality or anything. I thought they looked cool with a cartoonish paw print in front, and ID tags are always useful.

Xina Cross CountryNovember 20th 2010

Photo © Øyvind H. '10


Dog Show: Orkdal Hundeklubb

Sunday was an eventful day as we drove to Orkanger to attend the very last dog show of the year. It's a little sad that we didn't get to attend more shows than we did, but we'll try to do better in 2011 - on December 10th Cuda will be old enough to start his own show career. This time I tried to get a good night's sleep before having to get up at 06:30 AM, but just as last time I didn't get many minutes of shuteye. Bah! At least I survived the day, and I had a good time.

Meget god typ, bra proposjoner og størrelse. Hodet må få litt mer skallebredd og stopp, og mer høgd på panna. Velplasserte ører, vakre øyne, fin hals og rygglengde. Korrekt svans, bra stamme, kan få litt mer kropp, rør seg med bra steg.

Judge: Kenneth Edh, Sweden

We've been practicing a lot since our last show, and I could spot a lot of improvement in both Theo and Øyvind as a handler. I'm so proud of my boys! We still need more practice, but considering that this was our third time in the ring it's looking very promising. It's nice to see that our work with Theo has paid off, making him more confident and focused in the ring. As opposed to last time he didn't curl up at all, but held his tail high, walked nicely and looked both eager and happy - just the way it should be.

Theo finished with two red ribbons - 1st quality and 1st place, and this time he also got a purple ribbon which is actually an honorary prize! I'm very pleased with the results, his critiques and I'm already looking forward until next time when it's Cuda's time to shine.

Photo © Jan Åge Pedersen, Kennel Venjan