New palettes from Wet n Wild

Mr. Postman certainly knows how to make my day better, and today he left me no less than four packages! Awesomeness! When I ripped open the first one I found the three new eight pan palettes from Wet n Wild Color Icon™ in Comfort Zone, Blue Had Me At Hello and Petal Pusher (swatches at Sasquatch Swatch here, here and here) - and the second package contained even more Wet n Wild, namely three Color Icon™ Trios in Silent Treatment, I Got Good Jeans and I'm Feelin' Retro (swatches at Beauty Gala here, here and here), in addition to one of their matte lipsticks in Mauve Outta Here or Rose Flamboyant.

Wet n WildComfort Zone · Blue Had Me At Hello · Petal Pusher

I was a bit baffled by the third package, as I couldn't remember ordering more than the first two, but when I opened it up I remembered that I won a contest by VampyVarnish on Twitter a few weeks ago. It was kinda funny, because I was playing World of Warcraft and decided to multitask out of the game to check something. I don't remember what distracted me. I then coincidentally noticed a question on Twitter from VampyVarnish where she asked how old she was when she first caught interest of makeup, and I posted the first number that popped into my head: 19. A few seconds later she posted another tweet, announcing me as the winner and today I received my prize: one M·A·C Marvel eyeshadow from Mickey Contractor! Imagine that, I actually won something.

The fourth and last padded envelope contained two silver bracelets from one of my cousins in the US. Such a nice gesture!

Mr. Postman certainly knows how to make a girl happy! Wink

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '11


Wet n Wild Color Icon™ Palettes

Early in October I wrote about the Wet n Wild Color Icon™ palettes I had recently discovered. I got all four palettes called Greed, Lust, Vanity and Pride off eBay - and I then forgot to post pictures of the cute palettes themselves when Mr. Postman brought them home.

I don't know of any stores in Norway carrying the brand, at least I haven't come across any myself, but I just noticed that Nelly offers these very palettes for 89,- NOK each. I personally think the price is a bit steep considering that the US price is $4.99, but if you're willing to pay $15 it's now possible to order them from Nelly.





And I'm guessing you'd like to see some swatches too?
A Brilliant Brunette has some awesome ones here and here.

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah '10


Wet n Wild Color Icon™

Wet n Wild Color Icon™I'm not the most difficult person to influence when it comes to makeup, and this time I've let myself influence by Jomakemeblush and a drugstore brand, namely Wet n Wild.

I really like the variety of colors, and it seems like each palette consists of three matte or satin shades and three frosty shades. When I did a quick search to see what others had to say about these palettes I found them to be widely liked, and this caught my interest. So I went on a tiny little rampage - I mean, these are drugstore products and cost $4.99 which would be about 30,- NOK with today's exchange rate - and ordered all four palettes. A bargain!

They're said to be buttery and highly pigmented, so I'll be back with more pictures and a review when I receive them.

Photo © Wet n Wild