Oh, how I luv you Bunny!

Poizen Industries: Luv BunnyI think I might need someone to smack me! I've been sitting here for at about two hours now, just browsing websites offering alternative clothing - or what some people might call "emo clothing". Personally I don't have a specific style, but I always envy those who have have a style and the passion to wear it all the way. I did fall in love with another hoodie, and this one is called "Luv Bunny". C'mon. It's got my name written all over it, can't you see?

I wouldn't be too surprised if it suddenly appeared to be stuck in my mailbox some time next week. Grin

Ragnaråkk, where I got both my piercings, celebrated their 6th birthday today with cakes and sparkling drinks - and a 30% sale on everything in the shop! I was planning on heading over there to pick up a bag and a hoodie I kinda wanted to get the last time I was there, but my neck has been bugging me severely the last couple of days so I decided to just relax at home instead. But since I'm blessed with such a loving boyfriend, he volunteered to go to Ragnaråkk for me, I now have both an Iron Fist-hoodie and a immensely cool handbag (with a skull) from Living Dead Souls in my possession.

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star: Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss: The Cat in the HatSpeaking of Converse All Stars, I recently noticed that Converse launched the super cute Dr. Seuss Collection and I feel completely in love with one of the pairs from this collection! Dr. Seuss isn't really all that known here in Norway, but if you'd like to you can read more here. Have you heard of "The Cat in the Hat", "Horton Hears a Who!" and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!"? These are all the works of Theodore S. Geisel, or Dr. Seuss, and are among more than 60 books published by him. Who doesn't love the adorable Horton the Elephant?

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Dr. SeussThe pair of Converse I lost my heart to has the text "The Cat in the Hat" on its tongue, white and orange striped laces just like the Cat's hat, and are quite unique. Most of the All Stars in this collections are only available in different kid sizes, which is quite natural since Dr. Seuss wrote books for children, but a few of the pairs are also available in adult sizes! Needless to say, I needed this pair in my life - and hopefully my pair will arrive in my inbox at MyUS in not so long.

Unfortunately Converse Inc. is another one of those places that doesn't ship internationally, but if you have access to some kind of personal shopper service you're able to get your hands on any pair of All Stars - and buying them directly from Converse Inc. ensures you authentic All Stars. The price of the pair I've mentioned here is $60, which would be about 357,- NOK with today's exchange rate, and shipping from Converse Inc. is also free!

A little birthday present for myself, I guess.

Photos © Converse Inc. and Dr. Seuss Enterprices, L.P.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star: authentic or counterfeit?

In January 2009 I bought my very first pair of Converse ever, and I got them off eBay. I always thought they would be horrible to wear since they look so flat, but I was amazed by how comfortable they felt. When we were in Paris I bought my second pair, a pair of Chuck Taylor All Star Lo-Top Navy as they would be perfect with any type of jeans. I was planning to get a pair of their famous red ones before we left Paris, but I kinda suspected they were fake so I ended up with a pair exclusively to France called Chuck Taylor All Star Lo-Top Monocrome Ox Blanc instead.

Converse Chuck Taylor All StarAnd here's where I need your help, people! We all know that most brands are being counterfeited today. eBay is overrun with fake product sold as the real thing, and people keep buying them because they don't know any better. You never have any guarantee that the items you buy are actually authentic, and whenever you buy a counterfeited product you also contribute to the business of supplying the world with crap.

Personally I don't care much for wearing expensive brands or names on my clothing, but in addition to not supporting counterfeiting I really don't want to be wearing cheap copies unknowingly. I've googled and googled to try and find some kind of guide telling me how to spot a pair of fake Converse Chuck Taylor All Star without any luck. Sure, I found websites with information, but I don't really need a website telling me that a pair of All Stars with a marijuana leaf instead of the star is counterfeit. I'm not dumb. I did find a tiny little guide with some interesting information which I based my purchases on, but I later found that not all of these little tell-tales are consistent. One of these tell-tales were the little ® mark below the All Star logo on the fabric tag. I went to a shoe store yesterday to double check their Converse for these tiny details, and found that several of the shoes didn't have the ® mark - so I e-mailed Converse in USA and asked if they could tell me how to spot a pair of fake Converse. Unfortunately they couldn't provide me with any information, but they did confirm that they stopped using the ® mark and ™ mark in their company name and logos in early 2009.

I now have three pairs of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars in my possession, and I'm completely in the dark when it comes to whether or not these are actually authentic. I did check all the little tell-tales I could find online, doing my very best to ensure that I didn't buy fake ones, but unfortunately there's never any guarantee when you don't buy your products from an officially licensed store.

My question is therefore:
Do any of you know how to spot a fake pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star?

Photo © Converse Inc.


Shoe Shopping

Falkanger: model 132I wasn't really planning on going shopping today, but somehow I suddenly found myself at Falkanger Sko AS where I discovered these gorgeous booties. Well, there's usually no harm in looking, but last fall I was desperately looking for a nice pair of booties, exactly like these ones, so how could I leave them behind? I couldn't. Epic fail.

But the truth is that I absolutely love them! Trust me, they look a lot better in real life than in the picture. I got them in size 36 (3½ US), and they look so cute on my foot - perfect to wear with just about anything, and without having to endure any pain in the process. Anyone who's been wearing heels one time or another knows that it can be quite painful, and I can't say I disagree (even though I don't actually walk on them). Sneakers are nice, but not always fitting if you're wearing a nice dress or maybe a cute skirt, and I'm quite picky when it comes to shoes and boots.

Apart from my new booties, Mr. Postman came knocking as well. He brought me a small package from the US containing two nail polishes: Sephora by OPI Iris I Was Thinner (medium iris purple) and essie® Midnight Cami (shimmering deep twilight blue) - two absolutely gorgeous colors! I'm hoping he'll be back with more packages the following days - I'm still waiting for my two prizes from Sleek MakeUP, and a few other goodies I've ordered for myself to celebrate something I'll tell you about very soon. I'm also expecting Mr. DHL to come by sometime during next week, and I know someone who'll be extremely happy to receive a few of the treasures he's bearing - apart from myself of course!

I wonder if maybe a collective M·A·C haul post is coming up? Grin

Photo © Falkanger Sko AS