Searching for my unicorn!

When I surprisingly discovered that I had received money today, a whole day earlier than anticipated, I ventured off to the nearest mall to pick up a leather jacket I've been drooling over for a couple of weeks. I've been on the lookout for a nice leather jacket for years now, but I haven't one one meeting my requirements. I suddenly noticed a gorgeous jacket from Aleksander Signature hanging outside Cicelia, a store at my local mall. They had one single jacket left in size 36 (the smallest size), so I felt a little unsure of what to do - I couldn't afford it straight away, and I didn't want to walk away without knowing it wouldn't fit me. Thankfully the sales woman was kind enough to put it aside for me until «payday» on the 20th. Talk about excellent customer service! I had no idea if the jacket would fit me, I usually have a problem with the shoulders being too wide, and since I'm unable to try on clothes in-store I needed to buy it to be able take the jacket home to try it on. Today I went back to Cicelia, and my goodness.. it's the jacket I've been searching for! It fits me perfectly, and I adore the quality. It has a collar, which I wanted. It's cropped, and therefore perfect for me (avoiding a bundle of fabric behind my back). It's black, and timeless. It's made from Røros Sheep, such soft and light leather. Sure, it did cost a small fortune, but worth every single.. krone - and I have found the perfect leather jacket, my unicorn.

I also dropped by VITA, to pick up another mascara. I decided to try out Maybelline's newest addition to their mascara family: Illegal Length™ Fiber Extensions, which is supposed to add another 4 mm to your natural lashes. Do I believe this? No, but hey, I haven't tried any mascaras from Maybelline before. While there I suddenly remembered the Pearls of Passions collection by IsaDora, which has been out for a while already, and decided to take a closer look at a few of the products. I swatched both Jelly Kiss lipsticks, and the Twist-Up Metallic Eye Pens. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find any untried Twist-Up Metallic Eye Pen in Silver Sky, so I walked over to Cubus to see if they had any left. For some idiotic reason VITA, Cubus and H&M always have different sales and promotions, so it's always an idea to check all three store before purchasing anything. Today I did, and Cubus had an offer where you could pick three products and get the cheapest for free. So I grabbed the two Jelly Kisses: 60 Ballerina and 61 Peach Pearl, and a Twist-Up Metallic Eye Pen in Golden Khaki, which I got for free. Not sure whether or not I'll get some use out of the pencil, but I thought it might look nice as an inner corner highlight or something of the likes. It's quite sparkly, and it doesn't seem to be very long-lasting, but we'll see. It was after all free.

Now, when that's said I do have a little something to complain about. If there's one thing I find really annoying, it's having to tell an employee about offers and promotions available in the store where they work. Since I had seen this promotion mentioned online I knew purchasing two products from IsaDora Pearls of Passion would entitle me to receive a free «pearl» bracelet. Because I have stick arms I usually can't wear normal bracelets, but I would still like to receive whatever freebie promised. I went to the cashier, paid my items and waited to see whether or not I would be presented with the bracelet. Nothing happened, so I politely asked for the bracelet. My cashier looked pretty clueless, so she asked another employee - which, after a few seconds of silence, replied with a snarky comment: "just give her the bracelet". I'm sorry? Did I ask for something I wasn't entitled to? The moon maybe? Some employees could really benefit from learn a thing or two about customer service.

IsaDora Jelly Kiss Lipstick: Ballerina and Peach Coral61 Peach Pearl · 60 Ballerina

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah 2012