Trip to Åre

Ben & Jerry's Baked AlaskaWe've been talking about another trip to Sweden for some time now, and today we finally decided to go. The weather was nice for driving (overcast with some occasional rain), and even though the day started with enormous problems getting down the small flight of stairs with my electrical chair (KONE needs to fix our building's elevator pronto!), we had a great little road trip to Åre. I'm not going to list everything we bought in detail, but I'm quite happy with the catch. Soda (Coca Cola, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke and Mountain Dew) of course, "Lakritspuck" ice cream, two cans of Ben & Jerry's "Baked Alaska" (vanilla ice cream with marshmallow swirls and white chocolatey polar bears) and "Fairly Nuts" (caramel ice cream with praline almond clusters and caramel swirls), Lipton Tea in Strawberry and Vanilla - I must admit I prefer Twinings, but this strawberry tea is one I never grow tired of - and lots of grocery of all sorts.

I just love, love, love having a car I can drive straight in and out of, it just makes my life so much easier! Thank you D., you made it real.

Photo © Ben & Jerry's


38 days until Paris

Jesus, my diary has once again been overrun by posts about makeup, shopping and my recently overflowing mailbox. My desk is flooded by bits and pieces of makeup I'm dying to tell you about, but I'm trying to control myself a little. The thing is.. there's nothing else exciting going on in my life for the time being. I'm still waiting for some important papers before I can share another secret with you, which I'm by the way dying to tell you all about, but as long as nothing happens I've got nothing much to gossip about.

Last Thursday was a little interesting though, as it started with me waking up at 7 AM. Hello, 7 AM - what's up with that? And even though I stayed in bed for one and a half hour pondering whether or not to get out of bed, I slowly had to realize that there was absolutely no use in laying completely still, hoping to fall back asleep. I'm like that when I have something scheduled. I always wake up several hours before the alarm clock sounds, and there I am.. wide awake. Thursday was a rather big day, as we were told that our car would be ready for us to pick up from Handicare Norge at 2:00 PM, and on our way there I added another taxi to my list of taxis-I'd-rather-kill-myself-than-ride-with. Frigging maniac. We have a few of those in Trondheim. I really don't care if you're in a hurry or what, but when you have taken passengers at least act as a responsible driver! I felt like I had a small part in one of the "Taxi" movies.

Thankfully we got our car back, and was able to drive home ourselves! I have to say, it was amazing to be able to sit up front with Øyvind and actually see the surroundings while driving. It's a completely new world to me, and now I'm looking forward to our road trip to Paris even more! Fantastic. I know I promised Ingrid to refrain from counting down until Paris, but.. now it's only 38 more days until we're heading towards France!


Sleep, I need my beauty sleep!

It's been a really long day, and I'm so tired I could collapse. Not because the day itself has been so exhausting, but because I woke up at 8:30 AM - after a little more than four hours of sleep. It was Øyvind'a fault, as he received a phone call he failed to answer, but let ring long enough to really wake me. So I ended up laying in bed playing with my iPhone instead of going back to visit Nemo in Dreamland. By all means, I'm not whining, I've actually had a very productive day!

I had breakfast, which rarely occurs, and then we took a cab to Handicare Norge for some final adjustments regarding the car. We'll probably get it back sometime during the end of next week. It's looking very good, and we're both looking forward to having a car the both of us can use and enjoy - and I think we're celebrating by taking a trip to Åre, Sweden in between Øyvind's finals. Yay! Personally I'm celebrating by buying lots and lots of "Lakritspuck" ice cream.

When I got home I spoke with the journalist who's doing the interview on me for about an hour, just to tie up potentially loose ends - and now I'm sitting here with a cup of coffee by my side, fighting the urge to fall asleep on top of my keyboard.

Maybe Mr. Postman will stop by tomorrow?


Plans for summer 2010

The Eiffel TowerFor the first time in a very long while I'm actually part of planning a holiday for the summer! I wasn't going to say anything about it yet, since I firmly believe that it's very possible to jinx good things by talking about them as they are going to happen before they actually have happened. Unfortunately I'm looking so much forward to spilling my beans that I'm unable to keep my mouth shut for much longer, so here goes: we have decided to go on a road-trip to Paris, France!

You read correctly, we're going on a road-trip. A road-trip meaning that we're not flying, we're driving. Driving! I'm so excited. Driving from destination A to destination B usually means having a car, and due to my situation I can't sit up straight in a car seat. I have to lay in the front seat which means that I'm unable to see anything. Boring, huh? Not very comfortable either. Well.. not this time!

Everything started with my search for someone with a rental car suitable for the disabled. Not an easy task. We found a very nice man with a private rental service, but we wanted to look around a little more. Suddenly a freaky idea surfaced, what if we were to buy ourselves a car? Not a new one of course, that would be way too expensive, but a used car? After a while - who am I kidding, it was only a few hours - we found a car dealership offering a small selection of used cars which had already been rebuilt to take wheelchairs. Purrfect! A few phone calls and some information later we decided to have a closer look at a Chrysler Grand Voyager, and my "future father-in-law" was kind enough to help us out by taking an initial look at the car in question. This was.. Thursday. We received two thumbs up, and after discussing the matter a little back and forth we decided to go ahead and buy the car. Øyvind booked a plane ticket, and the next day he went down Skien to sign the papers and collect the car. It's the longest day I've experienced in quite a while, I tell you. Getting up at 06:30 AM and being forced to stay awake until 02:30 AM or so took its toll on me, and I've been quite exhausted the last two days. The next thing on the agenda now is to get a ramp and restraints installed, so I can actually use the car. This is in the hands of NAV (The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) once again, but I'm hoping it'll be a piece of cake since the car is already rebuilt and ready for installment. Again, please keep your fingers crossed! It's not more than three and a half months, give or take, until the planned trip to Paris, so I'm hoping there won't be any delays anywhere. I really don't want this trip to be in jeopardy!

I have absolutely no doubt that this summer will be fantastic, and I can't really wait for July to arrive. Or, maybe not just yet. I want to enjoy spring first, and then the early summer, and then July may come with all its excitement. So far I've made no plans really. I want to see the Eiffel Tower (and I've double checked that it's available to me with the wheelchair and all, both 1st and 2nd floors are accessible - that's a 115 meters above ground), Champs-Elysées (of course I'm going shopping at the enormous Sephora they have there, M·A·C and MUFE - anything else is out of the question!), we have to see Versailles and Notre-Dame de Paris, and of course I'm visiting Amira!

Oh, I can almost feel the contentment of sitting outside a small, romantic café, eating French pastry with a cup of coffee on the side, just enjoying life. Later that evening we'll be dining at a fancy French restaurant, ordering frog legs and snails while sipping from a glass of fairly expensive wine. How am I, the most impatient being in the Universe, supposed to wait for July?

Photo courtesy of Philip Greenspun