Christian Audigier by Christian Audigier

Christian AudigierThings never turn out the way I plan them to, and today a new perfume just happened to follow me home. New perfume? Why on Earth.

I passed by our local perfumery on my way to the grocery store, and this gorgeous bottle was just sitting there, seemingly planned by one of the perfume vixens working at the store. I had briefly heard about it, so I decided to have a little sniff since I was already standing there. That.. was my first mistake. Its scent was kinda fruity, quite nice and just up my alley with notes of tangerine, blackberry, magnolia, woods, coconut, orchid, sandalwood, amber, pomegranate. I then decided to smell the one for men with notes of blackberry, leather, Asian pear, pomelo, orriswood, oakmoss, rum, cinnamon, saffron, vetiver - and that.. was my second mistake. Oh my, I almost drooled on myself.. I kid you not! Sometimes it's just sad to be a girl and not being able to wear those intoxicating fragrances they make for men. Luckily Øyvind really liked it as well, so we left the store with each our bottle of liquid royalty.

Which perfume?
Christian Audigier by Christian Audigier.

According to Malin, and she's the uncrowned queen of perfumes, it's only available in one Norwegian store online namely Chastum (please note that I have no experience with this webshop myself). We got ours at Parfymelle for 495,- NOK per bottle. In addition to loving both scents, I absolutely adore these bottles both in design and color - and it is said that: "each bottle is adorned with crowns to represent the way Christian and the Mrs. address each other as My King and My Queen and true to form, these rich scents are fit for royalty".

Quite romantic, no? Smile

Photos courtesy of Google - edited by Shamini Thevarajah '10