Endelig er den her, Norges aller første, etterlengtede GLOSSYBOX! Jeg var ikke interessert i å vite hvordan den første boksen kom til å bli, men siden utvalgte bloggere fikk denne tilsendt før oss vanlige dødelige var det mulig å søke opp innholdet på forhånd. Enkelte hadde visstnok fått boksen levert på døra, sammen med roser og sjampanje - jeg måtte imidlertid hente min på postkontoret. Selv om jeg har gjort mitt aller beste for å unngå spoilere hadde jeg en viss peiling på hva jeg ville finne i boksen min, likevel ble jeg positivt overrasket.



  1. China Glaze Nail Laquer «Pelican Grey»
  2. Matrix Biolage Colorcarethérapie Shampoo & Conditioner
  3. Cowshed Cow Pat Moisturising Hand Creme
  4. ModelCo Lip Duo «Dusk» (lip couture lipstick) & «Strip Tease» (shine ultra lip gloss)
  5. SmileLab Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips™ Sensitive

Det er et poeng at jeg kanskje ikke hadde kjøpt noen av disse produktene om jeg hadde bestemt over innholdet selv, men for meg blir dette litt av poenget med GLOSSYBOX, at man kan prøve nye og spennende ting man ikke ville prøvd ellers. Å oppdage nye merker, kanskje finne nye favoritter, er jo halve moroa med konsepter som dette!

Jeg er så absolutt fornøyd med denne første boksen, og kommer definitivt til å fortsette abonnementet mitt for å se hvilke produkter som kommer fremover. Jeg syns konseptet er morsomt, og det beste er jo å vente på overraskelsen!

Kunne du tenke deg å prøve en GLOSSYBOX?

Innlegget inneholder affiliatelinker.

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah 2013


China Glaze Holiday 2010 Collection

I think I should admit to someone, most importantly myself maybe, that I'm a total sucker for shimmery nail polish. When I saw the new Holiday 2010 collection from China Glaze yesterday I just had to go on a hunt for proper swatches, and Scrangie is one of those fantastic nail bloggers who rarely lets me down. I quickly pegged which ones I wanted, and hurried off to Trans Design to place my order, just as I use to. From earlier experience these special polishes tend to sell out fairly quickly, so I wanted to be sure I'd get mine before they are gone. Unfortunately TD is only offering 12 of the polishes in this collection - why they don't offer "Mommy Kissed Santa", "Jingle Bells", "Frosty" or "Snow" is unknown - so I scampered off to Head2Toe instead. A few minutes later my order had been placed, and now I'm crossing my fingers it'll arrive shortly!

I'm not a very Christmas-y person as we all already know, but these polishes ended up giving me warm, fuzzy feelings inside, reminding me of Christmas when I was a kid and actually liked snow.

"Frosty" is a gorgeous white shimmer, totally reminding me of powdery, magical snow. There are six different reds in the collection, but I was instantly drawn to "Sugar Plums", a plum shimmer with glitter - and "Mommy Kissing Santa", a gorgeous rich cranberry shimmer. "Little Drummer Boy" is an absolutely stunning rich blue shimmer - I love the name, and it's also one of very few Christmas songs I like to listen to. "Midnight Kisses" is a pretty gold shimmer, and "Cheers to You" looks like silver shimmer twin. The wild card of my order is "Party Hearty" which is a glitter top coat-mix of red, green, silver and gold glitter - this is not typically a polish I would order, but it looked quite unique, and I'm sure I'll find a way to layer it.

China Glaze Frosty China Glaze Mommy Kissing Santa China Glaze Sugar Plums China Glaze Little Drummer Boy China Glaze Cheers to You China Glaze Midnight Kiss China Glaze Party Hearty

The total price for seven nail polishes? $37 included shipping to Norway by USPS First-Class Mail International ($15.70), or about 213,- NOK with today's exchange rate. They cost a little less than amazing 17,- NOK per bottle! Now I'm just a little anxious to see whether or not Head2Toe declare the shipments correctly (value and shipping separate), or if I have to pay taxes and fees upon arrival.

Choose between the 16 colors, or get all of them from Head2Toe.

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Pastels for summer!

Nail Polish HaulMr. Postman apparently decided to brighten up my day a little as he brought me two packages today! I haven't received any mail for a long time. For normal people the definition of "a long time" might differ a bit from mine, but I'm the one doing the defining here. The first package contained a small eBay haul of nail polishes after a recommendation from Pinchy Peach, and I'm thrilled! I do have to blame one of the polishes on Neglelakkmani, for including it when she swatched three slightly different lilacs for me in the end of March. The polish I'm talking about is OPI A Grape Fit!, and I absolutely love the color. I had OPI Do You Lilac It? from before, and it's been a favorite ever since I used it the first time. What would life be like without purples?

The rest of the haul mainly consisted of essie® The Resort Collection (Splash of Grenadine, Lapis of Luxury, Turquoise & Caicos, Playa del Platinum), China Glaze Something Sweet and essie® Matte About You (matte top coat), as I mentioned here. I'm a bit disappointed in ChG Something Sweet, because it seems to be one of those completely off pinks which make my skin turn ashy. Who'd wanna look like a zombie? With pink nails? Bah. I'll have to try it out though, I might be wrong. And if you want to see Theo making a sneaky guest appearance while Øyvind is taking pictures of my haul, feel free to click here.

Moving on to the second package! On May 4th I received a very nice comment from Kari, who wanted to know whether or not I'm pleased with our beloved Nespresso Lattissima and also asking me for my address so she could send me a little something from Nespresso for PR. How cool isn't that? So today I received some free capsules of Nespresso's new coffee Fortissio Lungo - purrfect! Thank you so much, Kari.

Imagine that, my blog actually contributed in getting me a cool freebie. Grin

Photo © Øyvind H. '10


essie® The Resort Collection

It's been quite some time since I obsessed with nail polish last, but now I've found the perfect polish for summer: essie® The Resort Collection. It was love at first sight, and I knew I had to have them. I don't have much experience with essie®, apart from the one bottle of "Starry Starry Night" that I own, but I'm hoping this will be a nice experience. I'm not a several-layers-girl, and those of you who know me know that every time I find a polish that needs more than two, or preferably one coat, all I want to do is to throw it out the window.

Essie The Resort Collection

Because of this huge ordeal with Trans Design not shipping internationally anymore, I had to resolve to eBay once again. I had been planning to place another order with Trans Design for quite a while, but I kept postponing it without really knowing why - and suddenly it was too late. Thanks to Pinchy Peach I found a seller who offered all the seven items I was out to get, and that made this transaction very smooth indeed. The three other items in my shipment are ChG Something Sweet from the Up & Away collection, OPI A Grape Fit! and then essie® Matte About You Top Coat. I'm not overly enthusiastic about matte nail polish, but with a matte top coat I'm at least able to choose for myself if I want my manicure to be glossy or matte.

I was trying to sell some of my nail polishes, but I kinda failed. When push came to shove I couldn't part with them after all, and I ended up keeping them all - I'm such a color junkie! I think I will be giving it another shot by hosting a little "blog sale" soon, where you can get your hands on some China Glaze, Sally Hansen and maybe a few other brands of nail polish. Some of the bottles have never been opened, others have been swatched lightly once.

Photo © essie®