Revisiting Champs-Elysees

I'm a little sad when I realize we're headed back home in only four days, but I'm really missing our little fuzzballs now. Like a lot. We spent our day on Champs-Elysées, walking around, having Paris' worst cup of Starbucks, and shopping at the ginormous Sephora. Can you tell how much I love Sephora? This time I wasn't half as stressed out as I was last time, so I actually managed to have a look at things, and buying some goodies there as well. I think this must be my fourth trip to Sephora while here, and this is really starting to get expensive! I stopped by the following counters: Dior, Make Up For Ever, M·A·C, Urban Decay. The man at the Dior counter was very nice, and helped me find what I wanted and match me to the correct shade. At the M·A·C counter I asked the MUA to line my eyes, and she made me look so beautiful by using only the Technakohl Liner in "Graphblack" and some setting powder. I need to get the hang of this liner business, I really want to look like this every day!

We've been stopping by Starbucks a lot while here, but the one on Champs-Elysées, oh man.. it's the worst coffee I've ever had. Apparently they had a new recipe for their wonderful Frappuccino®, or at least that's what they told us, making it taste like crap. Ugh. So disappointed. Apart from Sephora and Starbucks we didn't really do anything but walk around, Øyvind wanted to stop by a few car exhibitions as we walked past, and we shared another nice day in Paris.

Oh, and the buses of Paris deserve their own paragraph in this post. All our experiences with them has been wonderful, no trouble at all. Most of them have automatic ramps and a nice space reserved for people in wheelchairs, and when you signalize for the bus to stop, the driver stop where it's easiest to enter. If people are being asses (apparently they are found here as well), refusing to move from the reserved space, the bus driver will demand them to move away. Awesome! Pleasant drivers, helpful and nice, making it a breeze to get from A to B by bus. It's so good to know that buses are indeed a possibility, so two thumbs up from me!

I wrote this post when we arrived back at the hotel after a nice day in the city, only to understand from Twitter that something horrible had happened at home. I quickly learned that there had been a terrible explosion in Oslo, killing seven people, and there was also a massacre on Utøya, killing a lot of innocent youths. I feel bad for posting about our vacation when something awful like this has just happened, but I choose to keep updating my blog for my friends and family. My heart and thoughts are indeed with everyone involved, both in Oslo and at Utøya.