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About eight days ago I wrote about the gorgeous handbag I found at Catwalk Collections, and I was about to go mad when it seemed to never ship from the UK. I even e-mailed Royal Mail to ask what the holdup was, and got a reply starting with "Dear Ms Beard". Ms Beard? Who's Ms Beard? And when on Earth have I ever referred to myself as Ms Beard? Oh well, I guess it's just one of those "mysteries of life" or whatever. Ms Beard. *scoffs*

Catwalk Collection Handbags Ltd: LouisaWell, after three days or so I got the bright idea to run the tracking number on our Norwegian postal site instead, and there is was! Apparently Royal Mail's own tracking didn't work while still in the UK. I followed the package as it went from Posten, to customs, through customs, back to Posten, the terminal in Oslo, and finally arrived in Trondheim this morning. I was thrilled, not that I needed the bag right now or anything, but I was anxious to see if whether or not it was actually a good purchase, or if I should have passed on it instead. I was in doubt about the size since I didn't want a humongous handbag, but it looked so nice on the website and the measurements seemed OK. Today I'm very happy to announce that it's perfect. Absolutely perfect. It's a little big yes, but still not too big - and it seems to have room for everything I might need to carry around with me, and then some. So with the "Louisa" I think I might have finally found the handbag with a capital H, and I'm really pleased with my purchase - and thank you Øyvind for making it possible.

I guess it's safe to say that Ms Beard is having a good day then.

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88 days until Paris

I promise I won't keep counting down in the my future headers like this, I'll try to restrain myself and do it only once in a while, just to keep track I mean. I've been a good girl lately, not spending any money at all. I could admit to the fact that it might probably be a direct consequence from having an empty bank account, but that would also mean that I'm not actually being a good girl, I'm just not able to spend any money. OK, I'm admitting it. Unwillingly. My bank account has run dry, and I'm patiently - who am I kidding - waiting for the 20th to get my monthly refill. April won't be a month with insane shopping sprees though, I'm gonna pay some bills and transfer the rest to Øyvind for "safekeeping". Not actual safekeeping, I have some self control you know. I'm going to contribute to our joint bank account, and whatever left is going directly into our budget for Paris! I'm trying to convince myself that 88 days will pass in a heartbeat, imagine.. almost three months. On the other hand, less than three months sounds a lot better. The glass half full, not half empty and all that gibberish. If I told you that I'm excited, it would be a tremendous understatement!

Catwalk Collections Handbags Ltd: LouisaNow, I did actually shop something today (and this is me being honest), but with Øyvind's VISA card. No worries, he gave it to me to use for this purpose, and I gave it back immediately after the purchase. I have this strange attraction to handbags and purses (maybe not strange, I am a female after all), and I'm always on the lookout for the perfect one. In my world the perfect handbag is as small as possible with lots and lots of rooms and pockets I can keep my trinkets in when I leave the house. I think I've said it before, but I absolutely hate handbags big enough to basically live in. This is why I own (a lot) of small purses, and even though I like all of them, I still haven't found The Perfect One.

This morning I received an e-mail from Amazon UK, an advertisement for their selection of handbags. Since I've got this very bad habit of carrying my wallet around in my lap, where it's an extremely easy target for a thief, I decided that I needed a sturdy, but nice handbag for our trip this summer. It's stupid of me, nonetheless. After looking through a bunch of pages on Amazon UK, a brand called Catwalk Collection Handbags finally caught my eye, and I fell completely in love with a cross-bag called "Louisa". It's made from soft brown leather, and absolutely gorgeous! It measures 26-30 cm (width) x 20 cm (height) x 12 cm (depth), and has even got four pockets, room for my phone, iPod, keys, pens and cards, and it looks so darn classy. And the design is timeless. Oh, and I just adore that little bag charm, depicting a cat, that comes with all their bags. Gorgeous!

I visited Catwalk Collection Handbags to look for the "Louisa" bag since Amazon UK listed it as "out of stock", and I was really disappointed when I discovered that it was out of stock everywhere. I sent them an e-mail, just to be on the safe side, and I instantly got a reply telling me that they had one single bag left in stock, and that I was welcome to phone them up within 24 hours with my card information if I wanted it. Since I didn't have any money to spend I e-mailed them back saying that I wasn't planning on buying it until the end of the month, if I even decided to go for it, asking them when they were expecting to restock. The reply was that these bags would be restocked in time for next autumn/winter. I told Øyvind about it, and he told me that I could use his VISA if I wanted to buy the bag. At first I was a little worried that it might be a little too big to my taste, but after having checked the given measurements again, just to be sure, we both agreed that it would fit nicely. After all it's meant to hold my stuff with room for more, and if it's too big for me to carry, I'll just fasten it to my wheelchair instead. Either way it'll be a lot more difficult for a thief to rob me. I need to be more caution, especially when traveling - better safe than sorry, and so on. I know that I'm going to use this bag a lot, and when I go back to school this fall I'll use it as my schoolbag.

And if anyone knows where I can find and buy the dress worn by the model, please let me know!

Catwalk Collection Handbags Ltd: Louisa

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