Canon EOS 450D: sick, broken or insane?

I've been experiencing problems with my Canon EOS 450D SLR camera for a long time now, almost ever since I bought it back in February 2009, believing it was something wrong with me. I felt like most of my photos had a weird color tint to them, but ended up thinking it was my eyes (and possibly my mind) playing tricks on me. When I started taking product photos for my blog I wanted to have a white background and really good lighting, so I invested in a pair of studio lights and a light tent. I thought this might fix my problem, if it really was a problem, but no.. it didn't. I'm not a photographer, but when you take three photos in a row, in a light tent with studio lights on, then the three photos should be identical, no? Well, they weren't. One would come out with a slight yellow tint, one with a blueish tint, and the last one would be either more yellow or maybe with a green or even a red tint. I've tried with automatic white balance, manual white balance, and the results are pretty much the same no matter what I do. I've lost count of how many times I've been so frustrated I'm about to pull my hair out!

And this is where Twitter did its magic once again: I had pretty much decided to buy another SLR camera, so I shot off a question to see if I could obtain any tips on which camera to chose this time around. I instantly got a heap of replies from complete strangers, and a few of them started asking why I hated my Canon EOS 450D so much. I replied, explaining my problems with the always present yet varying unwanted color tint, and somehow everyone ended up with the same conclusion: there must be something wrong with my camera. Since it's been three years already I didn't have much hope of getting any help with it, but I went back to the store where I purchased it, told them about my problem, and left the guy at the counter looking quite puzzled. Apparently I'm experiencing a problem no one's ever heard of. Lucky me then, huh? Thankfully I still had the receipt, so they took my camera back to ship it off to service. Hopefully they'll find something wrong with it, and maybe I'll get a functioning camera in return, otherwise.. I'll end up getting it back along with a bill.

Have any of you experienced a similar problem?