Norsk Chihuahuaklubb, Oslo

I never imagined we would attend a dog show down south, but what do you know! A while ago we decided to sign up for the annual NKK show at Bjerke, as well as the annual Norwegian Chihuahua Specialty at Bogstad Camping, but we quickly agreed on skipping the show at Bjerke. I was a little sad about it since I really wanted to be there, but attending would mean leaving home on Friday, book a hotel room for the night, and then be up and about at Bjerke at 9 AM, Saturday morning. Too much hassle, and way too expensive for one dog show! So we drove from Trondheim to Oslo on Saturday instead, had a wonderful, but cold evening, barbequing at the camping with a lot of other Chihuahua people, and ready to attend the show on Sunday.

Theo behaved very good, and I was very pleased to see even more improvement in the chemistry between Øyvind (as the handler) and Theo in the ring. This was their first time in Open, so the competition was hard (and fun). I don't have the exact number, but they were up against 15-20 other dogs, whereas only five of them got Excellent before judge Teija Poikolainen-Däuber from Finland. Theo was awarded a blue ribbon with an OK critique, and I was quite happy with the results, even though an Excellent would have made me smile just a little wider. I'm by no means an experienced dog handler, but I could point out the faults she had listed in the critique even before receiving it. Hopefully most of these things will sort themselves out as he grows into adulthood. I'm aware that his muzzle is a little long, but I would rather have a healthy dog with good teeth and a long muzzle, than one with a short muzzle and teeth problems (not implying that a short muzzle automatically means problems, but surely you know what I mean).

Good size/type. Good head. Little long nosepart. Beautiful big ears. Too small eyes. Neck OK. Good topline and tail. Good bones for his size. Needs more coat and table training. Front movement OK. Behind movement too narrow.

August 21st, 2011 · Judge: Teija Poikolainen-Däuber, Finland

While we had to pack up and leave the ring after receiving the blue ribbon, we didn't leave straight away. We cheered for Heidi, Vanja and Marthe when they entered the ring, and it was awesome seeing them all again. Vanja even awarded me personally with an Excellent saying "excellent bitch!", followed by a CK for "outstanding temperament". For those of you who aren't really into the jargon and showing dogs, it was only a joke between Vanja and I, when she gave me one of Lexin's Excellent ribbons to look after while handling him - a ribbon that is now decorating my purse. Grin

We're definitely doing these two shows again next year, when we have our caravan and everything will be so much easier. The cabin we rented at Bogstad Camping was indeed very nice, accessible for wheelchairs, and had everything we needed. Like a little apartment really. Two thumbs up! A great big thanks to everyone for making this a very pleasant weekend, and it was very nice meeting everyone - both old and new friends around the ring. Until next time! *tips hat*