Bianco® Footwear: a tale of excellent customer service

With this post I'm starting a brand new column called «Fan-frigging-tastic», where I'll be writing about positive experiences with companies, stores and people in general. Like a wall of praise! At 4:12 AM it sounded like a fabulous idea. Moving on. You know how I speak of The Perfect Purse or Bag every once in a while? Well, a new one has suddenly come to my attention. I still haven't found the fascination for designer bags, even though I love my Dior Gaucho Saddle Bag to death, so the one I'm mentioning in this post is actually from Bianco® Footwear. When I go looking for a bag or purse I have a lot of requirements; I need it to be small and light enough for me to carry, I prefer handles and if it has a strap I'd like it to be detachable so I can remove it since I rarely use the strap anyway. I also love compartments (lots and lots of them), and I prefer leather to any other material. You might recall me falling head over heels in love with the «Louisa» from Catwalk Collection Handbags Ltd.? Such a gorgeous bag, but it's a bit too big and heavy for me - which breaks my heart. I even had to endure being referred to as 'Ms Beard', remember? I'm not giving it up though, you'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands whenever I've gone sleeping with the fishies.

Bianco Footwear
Photo: Bianco® Footwear