Trip to Åre

Ben & Jerry's Baked AlaskaWe've been talking about another trip to Sweden for some time now, and today we finally decided to go. The weather was nice for driving (overcast with some occasional rain), and even though the day started with enormous problems getting down the small flight of stairs with my electrical chair (KONE needs to fix our building's elevator pronto!), we had a great little road trip to Åre. I'm not going to list everything we bought in detail, but I'm quite happy with the catch. Soda (Coca Cola, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke and Mountain Dew) of course, "Lakritspuck" ice cream, two cans of Ben & Jerry's "Baked Alaska" (vanilla ice cream with marshmallow swirls and white chocolatey polar bears) and "Fairly Nuts" (caramel ice cream with praline almond clusters and caramel swirls), Lipton Tea in Strawberry and Vanilla - I must admit I prefer Twinings, but this strawberry tea is one I never grow tired of - and lots of grocery of all sorts.

I just love, love, love having a car I can drive straight in and out of, it just makes my life so much easier! Thank you D., you made it real.

Photo © Ben & Jerry's