The Sweetest Sunglasses!

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals GeniusI'm having wonderful days nowadays. Weather is nice with an excellent forecast for the next five days. I'm not feeling as down health-wise as I recently did. Mr. Postman has suddenly remembered where I live, and today he left me a text and a note to come pick up two packages at the post office. One of them contained my new Juicy Couture sunglasses, and the other one a brush set from Bare Escentuals. I'm not a big fan of Bare Escentuals' brushes, I think their bristles are a bit too stiff, but ever since I bought the Bare Escentuals Tutorials: Eye Liner set back in December, I've been wanting more of these cool magnetic "Genius" brushes.

This set contains the Multi-Tasking Face Brush, Contour Blush Brush, Long Tapered Shadow Brush, Tapered Blending Shadow Brush, Slanted Liner Brush, a magnetic double-ended brush handled and a "Stow & Go" case. Very handy, and I love how they've added a slanted liner brush, which is the best brush to line your eyes with in my opinion.

On to my new sunglasses, a pair of Juicy Couture Sweetest. I kinda feel like Juicy Couture is a brand targeting younger girls with their sugary sweet products, but I happen to like this brand nonetheless. I spent quite a lot of time deciding on which model I should buy, considering the length of the temples and the size of the glasses, so when they arrived today I was extremely anxious to try them out, and oh my.. I absolutely love them! Despite of being gradient brown they're nice and dark, just as I was hoping. By far the best purchase I've done in a long time, and I think that says a lot!

Now I'm ready for the approaching summer, and according to the weather forecast it's going to be wonderful temperatures starting with 17'C on Saturday! I'm hoping this heat wave will last for a while so way we can experience a little summer at home before leaving for summer in Paris when July comes.

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Hurry up, Mr. DHL!

I absolutely hate waiting for Mr. Postman or Mr. DHL when I'm expecting something to arrive. Like now, when I'm "patiently" waiting for Mr. DHL to arrive with a package for me from MyUS containing another collective haul, and I'm pretty anxious to find out whether or not it'll reach me before Christmas. Not that it really matters, the box is filled with goodies for me, myself and I. I'm constantly refreshing DHL's online tracking, and depressingly enough it spent 14 hours just sitting in Ohio, US before it finally started moving towards Leipzig, Germany. Hopefully the Germans are working today!

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Glide-On Eye PencilsSo what have I hauled this time? Well, not so long ago I got a newsletter from Urban Decay giving me the opportunity to get my paws on the unreleased limited edition 15th Anniversary set of 24/7 Glide-On pencils. I know I have a million of these pencils from before, but with this set six new colors are introduced: Stray Dog (shimmery brown taupe), Corrupt (dark metallic brown with silver sparkle), Midnight Cowboy (beige with gold sparkle), Perversion (blackest carbon black), Asphyxia (pinky iridescent purple) and Uzi (gunmetal grey with sparkle) plus the double-barrel sharpener.

If you're not among the lucky ones who actually managed to snatch up this set before it sold out, it'll be available from Urban Decay in January.

I also did some damage during the Stila Cyber Monday Warehouse Sale which I wrote about here, and later a little more at Sephora. I ended up getting four of their six exclusive Urban Decay eyeshadows: Woodstock (bright pink with slight shimmer), Haight (dark teal with shimmer), Dashiki (bright blue with shimmer) and Psychedelic Sister (bright purple). I had a couple of discount coupon codes I could use online, and it would be sad to let them go to waste. I also picked up the Bare Escentuals Tutorials: Eye Lining set I wrote about here, in addition of the newest four limited edition Travel Palettes from Stila. Lastly I added a Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer in Smoky (sultry deep gray) to my basket, because I though it would be nice to use as a primer/base for a smoky eye. On Facebook I picked up another coupon code which entitled me to receive a free limited edition Tokidoki tote bag - totally useless, but what the hell.

At least I know I'm gonna have me a Merry (colorful) Christmas! Wink

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Bare Escentuals Tutorials: Eye Lining

Bare Escentuals Tutorials: Eye LiningIt's no secret that I'm dying to master the art of eye lining. I have tried different kinds of liner, different types of brushes, but nothing seems to do it for me. I have no problems with tightlining or even just a basic line, but that winged liner? Not a chance. Not if my life depended on it. When I was bored the other day, and therefore browsing Sephora, I noticed this kit from Bare Escentuals called "Tutorials: Eye Lining" and it immediately caught my attention.

This little kit comes with two liner shadows in Sable (smoky mocha) and Minx (sparkly multicolored charcoal), in addition to a magnetic multi-liner brush (full-edge, pointed and soft-edge liner) and a brush pouch to keep them in. It cost $38 or 229,- NOK with today's exchange rate, and the reviews all look promising.

I've always liked Bare Escentuals, but I got quite the scare when I tried the Mineral Veil a few years back and my face started itching and burning like crazy. I then decided to stay away from Bare Escentuals, but when I was in Paris this summer I was dragged back into it by a wonderful Greek sales lady at Sephora. The bareMinerals foundation has actually made me stop before a mirror to look at myself, not really believing that the reflection is mine - and that says it all, I think. Since most of their products have be reformulated I decided to pick up the eye lining kit, and I'm very anxious to receive it in the mail.

Maybe now I can finally learn how to successfully line my eyes?

Photo © Sephora


My kingdom for a.. HAUL?

I promised to update with a haul post from Paris, showing what makeup products I ended up buying while we were there, so here goes! I visited Sephora a couple of times, both M·A·C and M·A·C Pro, and even though I didn't get to go by the MUFE Boutique I still managed to accumulate quite a nice selection of items. I'm sorry for slightly poor editing, but we had to work quickly to get the most out of the daylight which wasn't really much considering the downright depressing weather we have.

Everything shown or mentioned below was bought with my own money, unless otherwise stated. I saved up for this trip beforehand, because I knew I was going to shop for makeup amongst other things. Also, eight of the ten lipsticks I added to my collection was financed by Back2MAC, which means I didn't pay for any of them.