BaByliss Illuminated Mirror 8425

Babyliss MirrorAfter a lot of back and forth I decided to go ahead and buy myself a better mirror. I already have a mirror from IKEA which has been working excellent so far, but I don't have good lighting anywhere. It's been really annoying, so when Maquillage wrote a post about her fancy mirror I wanted to get one just like it. It seems awesome!

It has two sides, one normal and one that magnifies 5x. It has also got lighting around the edge, and you can choose between warm, cool and normal lighting - which is also awesome if you'd like to avoid the shock of discovering that your makeup looks a bit different when in daylight. It's also telescopic, which allows you to heighten or lower it as you wish. Another neat feature is that you're able to choose whether you want to attach the electrical cord, or just run it on batteries. Very convenient when traveling!

Unfortunately Euronics, who sells these mirrors, doesn't have them in stock. I e-mailed them to ask when it would be available, and was told that it would be ordered in as soon as I had placed my order. OK then! Strange way of running a business, but what the heck, let the customers wait a little extra to avoid having things in stock. I have absolutely no idea to when I'll have it, but at least I've placed my order.

Anyway, I tried finding this mirror on BaByliss' official websites, but I could only find hair grooming appliances. I'm kinda dreading that this means it's a discontinued product, so I really hope it won't be problematic to replace the light bulbs once they decide that they've done their job.

Photo © Euronics