18. januar for fem år siden..

18Jeg syns ikke det er lenge siden jeg satt og lagde denne lille illustrasjonen i Photoshop, med et lurt smil om munnen og funklende øyne, for jeg bar nemlig på verdens aller beste hemmelighet. I dag er det faktisk hele fem år siden jeg fikk min kjære Øyvind. Jeg elsker deg, kjæresten min.

.. hvis du gir meg sjansen til å ramme deg med amors pil ..


January 18th: 2 year anniversary

18Imagine that, two years have passed already since I first posted my mysterious little collage in my diary. I was dying to let the whole world know that I had managed to land the most gorgeous and loving guy out there, but I couldn't get myself to do it. Not without his permission, and I didn't dare to ask. Well, somewhere along the line I worked up the courage, because I did tell the world - or at least all of my readers. That was two years ago already. Two years today. A lot has happened during these two years, we've moved in together, met the parents on both sides, bought an apartment where we just dreamed of living, gotten the cutest little doggie.. and lots more.

Today Øyvind brought me a gorgeous bouquet of red long-stemmed roses, along with a very nicely wrapped present. My guy is an observant one, because the gift contained one of the "Charming by Ti Sento" charms that I wrote about here. OK, I'll admit I cheated a little. I gave him the catalog where I had most cunningly circled all of the charms I'd like for my bracelet. But this is where the observances apply, he had picked out a completely different charm! And not any charm either, a gorgeous silver heart with an arrow through it called "Cross My Heart". I love it!

Later tonight he's cooking us a three course dinner from scratch with a little inspiration from the book "Inn med sølvskje" by Anne-Kat Hærland (famous Norwegian comedienne) and Eyvind Hellstrøm (famous Norwegian chef). And I know that I'm lucky. Lucky to have a loving boyfriend, an aspiring master chef, a caring "dad", handyman and techno-wiz - all in one. Oh, and he's handsome too! Did I mention he's mine?

January 18th 2010

I hope I'll be writing these posts for years to come, that we'll grow old together many years from now. No matter what happens we always find our way back to each other, back to the good times. And I love you, Øyvind. Now and forever. I hope you know that!

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '10