Famous, or infamous?

It's no secret that I receive quite the amount of mail, mainly packages, and there's this guy working at my local post office who has discovered that most of the packages in store are labeled with my name. OK, exaggerating a little, but you know what I mean. So does Mr. Postman. One day when I went to pick up some shipment, he was already standing ready with my package as I approached the counter. Now, that's customer service! He had obviously figured out that it would be time saving to memorize my name, and ever since that day he has kept my packages all lined up and ready for me as soon as one of us walk through the door.

Today Øyvind went to the store without me - our local post office is part of our grocery store - and I asked him to pick up two packages for me. One was from the hospital, and the other one from Nespresso. "My guy" was at work, and today he also had a trainee with him. He told his trainee to just go ahead and memorize my name now as she would get used to delivering out packages to me, and also remember Øyvinds face as he's often there to pick up shipments on my behalf.

How can I do anything but smile? Grin