A belated Happy Holidays

Another Christmas is over, and silence is upon us once again. Please excuse my absence the last few days, but I haven't had the time to sit down in front of my Mac. Christmas Eve and Day was absolutely wonderful, shared with Øyvind's parents, sister and her boyfriend, even though I kinda missed having my own parents here. We made dinner both days as we have this tradition of eating pork ribs on Christmas Eve in Norway, and since I hail from up north I wanted to have Pinnekjøtt as well. I'm not a very big fan of pork ribs, or even pork in general, but Øyvind's dad makes a killer pork rib which I just can't say no to. So this year we made one ourselves from his instructions (and with a little help from the master himself), and it was just perfect.

We didn't have a Christmas tree for several reasons. 1.) We don't really have the space for a tree. 2.) We've got two small devilish dogs, and I suspect that the youngest one would try to eat.. the tree, with the decorations and all. 3.) I absolutely hate the idea of having a living room full of previously hibernating insects and arachnids - yes, I have actually experienced the scenario with a room full of disgusting and very much alive creepy-crawlies. So, we decided to use our glass cupboard as an.. art deco tree, and it worked out very well. As usual I didn't think there would be anything labeled with my name 'under the tree', but somehow I ended up with several presents from near and far. Thank you so much for thinking of me, I love you all.

Amazon Kindle Leather CoverI have my own little tradition of buying myself a Christmas present, even though I don't really celebrate this holiday, and this year was no exception. After having fondled Kari's gorgeous Kindle, I knew I had to stop pondering and get one for myself. You might remember that I was fantasizing about one not so long ago?

So late last night I decided to log into Amazon and order me a spanking new Kindle 6" Wi-Fi and a nice brown leather cover to keep it safe from any harm. Unfortunately it was out of stock, but expected delivery was set to January 20th. I'm really excited, and I hope this will rekindle (no pun intended) my joy of reading.

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Amazon Kindle

Amazon KindleI have this mental wish list overflowing with different items and products I'd like to buy some time or another. Unfortunately - or should I say thankfully - I tend to forget about most of them before I get the chance to spend the money. I guess it only proves that I don't really need half of the items on my list.

Anyway, my newest lemming is an Amazon Kindle! Yep, I admit it, I like having gadgets in my life, but the thing is that I used to love reading - whatever happened to that passion? I could sit down and finish a book in an evening, and I did. Often. Now I can't even remember the last time I finished a book, and I have lots of books I'd love to read. So what's stopping me? When one's blessed with the attention span of a toddler, like I am, I need to read when there's nothing else going on around me, preferably when in bed - but due to the lack of strength in my arms, I find it more tiring than enjoyable which is a little beside the point of reading a book in bed.

So now I want a Kindle. I want the smallest version of the Kindle, the 6" one. I think it would be just perfect for reading, and a lot lighter than any hardcover book. Yay! The price is $139 which is about 844,- NOK with today's exchange rate, plus shipping and tax.

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