Sigma Makeup Affiliate Program

I'm sure you've already noticed that I've added a banner to my sidebar. I'm not a big fan of banners or advertisements in general so I doubt you'll be seeing any more popping up here, but being a big fan of Sigma® and their wonderful brushes I wanted to show them some love. If you click on the banner it'll bring you directly to Sigma®'s online store with my affiliate link, and this means that I'll earn a 10% commission whenever you choose to use my link.

Please understand that I have absolutely no intention of earning a few quick bucks off my readers, followers or friends. If you choose to use my affiliate link I thank you, if not.. well, it's OK! I've chosen to inform you about this because I myself feel like I'm being tried exploited whenever I'm expected to spend my money through an affiliate link without being informed about it. I would like to have a choice in the matter, and I'm leaving your decision up to you.