M·A·C A Tartan Tale and more!

MAC A Tartan TaleBack in October I wrote about the new collection from M·A·C called A Tartan Tale. A collection I fell instantly in love with, which also caused me to do some major hauling - with the help from darling Fieran.

On Wednesday it arrived in a big, exciting package. I resisted ripping it open at once as some of its content belonged to Pinchy, and I wanted to wait for her to be here with me. She came over on Thursday to share the look, and let me tell you.. it's a lot more fun to haul together with someone than alone. We opened up everything, oh-ed and ah-ed as we ripped away the padding and were extremely happy with our findings! Even though I didn't feel good at all I had a really nice time with Pinchy, and I hope to see her again real soon. She's the sweetest sweetheart out there, there's no doubt about it.

Thank you a million times Fieran, for going through the trouble of getting all this stuff for us. Let me know if there's anything I can do to return the favor. You're the best! Grin


M·A·C A Tartan Tale for Holiday 2010

tartan (plural tartans)

1. a kind of woven woolen cloth with a distinctive pattern of colored stripes intersecting at right angles, associated with Scottish Highlanders, different clans having their own distinctive patterns.

2. the pattern associated with such material.

3. an individual or a group wearing tartan; a Highlander or Scotsman in general.

4. trade name of a synthetic resin, used for surfacing tracks etc.

From Wiktionary

I really appreciate having things or happenings to look forward to, and this time - as many other - it's related to makeup. See, on October 28th M·A·C is releasing their Holiday 2010 collection in the US, namely A Tartan Tale. This is one of those larger collections consisting of lots of different elements, and it can be very hard to choose which treasures to get. Now this is a collection I'm liking! Everyone who knows me knows that part of my heart resides in Ireland, so when this Scottish inspired collection was announced it immediately caught my attention.

The names, the packaging (it's plaid, for crying out loud), the large amount of products - oh wait, that's a bad thing - is all appealing to me! I'm probably not the only one who's seeing their moolah sprout wings and fly off though.. I'm not feeling bad though, since I'm skipping the next three collections altogether.

MAC A Tartan Tale: Viva Glam Lip BagI have decided what to get from A Tartan Tale, and that's that. In addition to the items which I'm getting because I want them, I'm also getting the 'Tis Noble to Give Viva Glam Lip Bag - and the Viva Glam Mr. Teddy. I've been thinking about buying the Viva Glam V lipstick several times, and since I already haven't I'm getting this cute set - what can be better than supporting M·A·C Viva Glam and Kids Helping Kids? All proceedings go to the M·A·C AIDS Fund. And I'm really loving the red plaid bag it comes in!

More about my choices from A Tartan Tale later!

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