What did 2012 bring?

It has kinda become somewhat of a tradition to write a post summing up my year in so many words, just like I did back in 2011 and 2010. 2012 will be no different. It's been an amazing year, and so many good things have happened to me, to us.

  • I actually started my year by admitting I don't know why I shop, how's that for ya!
  • Interior blogging occured.
  • I. Hate. Canon.
  • I rediscovered Make Up Store, and made a friend in Maria - a wonderful, wonderful person.
  • Øyvind and I attended the annual wedding show at Britannia Hotel, and started planning our wedding.
  • We went on a roadtrip to England via Denmark, to attend IMATS in London!
  • I had an awesome time shopping at IMATS London, but also meeting people, even more people and spending time with Pinch and her man.
  • Øyvind and I celebrated our 4th anniversary.
  • Thanks to Maria at MUS, I was finally able to have my much awaited makeup lesson/makeover, which Øyvind gifted me back in 2009 - and I had so much fun!
  • I decided to let my guard down for a bit, and shared a more personal post.
  • A cold knocked me out..
  • I spent a shitload of money on a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. No, not Lita's.
  • A passionate love affair quickly evolved into an obsession. I cannot live without my MUS Eyepencils!
  • After years of searching I finally found my unicorn.
  • We attended our first dog show of 2012 at beautiful Sunndalsøra, where Theo got two EXL and a CK!
  • Amazing Tails Sing for the Moment came into our lives.
  • I purchased several tins of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, truly a blast from the past.
  • I discovered an awesome and expensive makeup brand in Rouge Bunny Rouge.
  • A sudden phone call from Nordlandssykehuset made me smile from ear to ear.
  • I got lucky and figured out how to do the perfect eyeliner.
  • We finally set the date for our wedding: July 27th 2013!
  • I had a minor blog crisis when I couldn't decide between English and Norwegian.
  • A midsummer bonfire was lit, and the fuzzballs had the time of their lives.
  • Imagine that, engaged for a whole year already!
  • We drove down south to attend a dog show, or rather three, and Felix was awarded BIR in his debut!
  • .. and we continued on into Sweden: Hornnes-Jönköping, Gränna-Skinnskatteberg, Borlänge-Härjedalen.
  • .. then I turned 33.
  • I suddenly grew old up and started crocheting.
  • I. Hate. EOS. and FRESH.
  • Øyvind and I bought a house!
  • ..and sold our beloved apartment at Solsiden.
  • Jack Frost appeared all of a sudden, and with him came 30 centimeters of snow!
  • My bucket of apples grew +1 with the new and much sleeker iPhone 5.
  • We ended a year of dog shows with Theo's second Res.CAC, and Felix advancing from puppy to junior with a total of 3x BIR, 2x BIM, 2x 4.BIG - so proud of the fuzzballs!
  • André wrote about his hatred towards small dogs, makeup, men with makeup, Twilight, porn and bestiality.
  • I had a minor meltdown caused by.. one too many things on my mind.
  • NAV tried to drive me crazy yet again.
  • My gadget craze (and hatred for Canon) made me run out and buy a new camera: the Samsung EX2F Smart Camera!
  • I anticipated the end of the world, but oddly enough nothing happened.. Maya-hi! Maya-ho! Maya-ha! Maya-haha! ♫
  • As a little something for myself I ordered an Inglot Freedom System palette from Finland.
  • Christmas in our new home. With a Christmas tree, Christmas dinner, mulled wine, homemade Bailey's and almond brittle, we actually celebrated Christmas with family.
  • We roasted our very first turkey, and spent our New Years Eve with good friends!

New Years Eve

I raise my glass to all of you,
and wish you a fabulous 2013

Photo: New Year's Eve