What did 2010 bring?

I probably shouldn't be saying this out loud, but I actually think I'm starting to feel better for real. I was pretty desperate about a week ago, feeling like it was time to just.. lie down and die, but the last couple of days have actually been bearable with little nausea and almost no dizziness.. I was about to call the hospital again, to see if I could get an appointment with my physician there, but they beat me to it and called to schedule an appointment for next week. Purrfect! It's just a routine checkup, but then I can ask about a few things that's been on my mind since I was first admitted in October/November. It's funny how you always have a million questions once you've been released and have no one to answer them, at least I always do. I don't think there's something serious wrong with me anymore, even though I'd give my right arm to feel like my old self again.

Can you believe that 2010 is almost over? Where did it go? God, I wish 2011 will be a better year in every possible way. I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong. 2010 has been a nice year, although it could have been better health-wise. So, what did actually happen in 2010?

  • I had to quit school because of the swine flu
  • Øyvind and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary
  • I received the coolest book with the coolest dedication ever from Gatas Parlament
  • I won a complete set of Sleek Makeup palettes in a competition on Facebook
  • I started planning my 5th tattoo
  • .. and then a trip to Paris, France!
  • I received a buttload of popcorn from Popcorn Indiana®
  • I then got my 5th tattoo, by the sweetest Therese from Pink Ink Tattoo in Oslo
  • Anne Kari Berg interviewed me for an article in Handikapnytt
  • I gave school another shot, and failed
  • We took a trip to Åre, Sweden
  • I conquered my fear of needles and got my very first piercing: Helix
  • Theo attended a dog show for the first time, and placed 3rd in a national show
  • We started our long and exciting road trip through Europe, heading for Paris
  • We enjoyed Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France - to the fullest!
  • I turned 31 years old, imagine that
  • I felt o' so brave and got a second piercing: Lobe
  • A rock came flying through our bedroom window, causing havoc in the middle of the night
  • Theo turned 1 year
  • I went to Oslo to attend the "Mitt Liv" conference, and met Gatas Parlament!
  • Theo attended his second dog show, and placed 1st
  • M·A·C finally opened a counter in Trondheim, hooray
  • We saw Karpe Diem at Samfundet
  • Then Venjan's Lille Hinkel Pinkel, or Cuda, came into our lives
  • Emergency room with severe breathing problems, and later admitted to the hospital
  • Emergency room again, and then back home
  • I started lemming an Amazon Kindle
  • Theo attended his third dog show, and placed 1st once again!
  • Bjarte Paul Tjøstheim started following me on Twitter Grin
  • I got all teary-eyed when I received a package from Illamasqua - with a very personal note
  • I finally tweaked a theme, and changed the whole look of my diary
  • I then missed Margit Sandemo when she visited Trondheim for her book-signing tour
  • I did meet Radioresepsjonen, and got a signed book and a picture to prove it
  • We shared and enjoyed Christmas with Øyvind's parents, sister and her boyfriend
  • I finally ordered my Amazon Kindle
  • And now I'm finally starting to feel better health-wise!

Apparently a lot has happened over the past year. I've done a great deal of shopping, I've spent a fair amount of time online with my wonderful friends Fieran and Pinch, I've learned a lot new things and I've cried a lot of tears - tears of sorrow, tears of happiness, tears of frustration and thankfulness. Life has been hard, life has been frustrating, and life has been good. I love my family, my friends, my two little dogs and my dearest Øyvind - without you all I don't know what I would have done. Thank you for being there for me, for helping me keep my head above water whenever I'm in a rough spot, it means the world to me. And a special thanks to all who's reading my diary, following me through shopping, whining, fluffy cuteness and frustration, and leaving me comments here and there. You make me smile, and I'm grateful for that every day. I raise my glass to you all.

New Years Eve


Photo: New Year's Eve