Minor important changes!

I've done a few changes to my blog tonight, mostly things you won't notice, but the most important change is that I've decided to start blogging in my mother tongue Norwegian again. Now, these posts won't appear on the home page, but you can easily find them by clicking "Skriblerier (NO)" in the top menu, or simply choosing the category from the list on the right side. This way I can avoid the clutter of mixing several languages on one page, something I wish I had thought about sooner.

The reason why I'm not doing it the other way around (making my "main blog" Norwegian by sticking the many posts about makeup on a separate page) is simply that I know I have a lot of foreign readers, especially people who share my passion for makeup and shopping, and I don't wanna lose any of them due to this change. So I'm not gonna stop my rantings about shopping, makeup or whatever other related obsession I might have, I'll just keep doing them in English.

I've also added a more mobile-friendly layout for those who wish to read my blog on their smartphones, which seems to be working fine. This is a feature I've missed having, but now it's finally available. You might also have noticed - duh, who am I kidding - the banner from Sigma on the right side? It's an affiliate banner, which means I'll earn a few coins should you choose to enter their site by clicking it before placing an order.

I guess that's all I had to update you on for now. Remember "Skriblerier (NO)" for my Norwegian posts from now on, and should you prefer to read only the makeup and shopping related posts, you can just choose "Makeup" from the top menu and everything else will be filtered out.

Any problems or questions?
Leave a comment below.


We do like changes, no?

I've been feeling the need of a new template here for some while now, but don't know enough about PHP to start making one of my own. At least I'm honest. I've found a free template which suits my needs perfectly, but I'm a little afraid of changes, even though I prefer having a template I know doesn't have any annoying bugs. Also I'd like to add a few small details I've been missing, and my old template wasn't very compatible with.. anything. So, I've been tweaking this free template for several hours today, and I think everything should be working now. I'll most likely make some small changes here and there, but I do like it very much - and it's easy to maintain.

Please let me know if you encounter something that doesn't work properly, or just leave me a comment telling me what you think of this new look! All feedback are appreciated. Smile


Google Friend Connect

After some swearing, a lot of troubleshooting and a little thinking I finally found the error that caused my Google Friend Connect application to die on me. I hope those of you who were following me will consider doing so again, and this time I'm hoping it'll stay alive. The reason that you'll have to reconnect is that I screwed up and deleted my former listing, and so I deleted all my friends at the same time. Nice? Yeah, I know. Stupid.

Anyway, thank you so much!


FUTILE comments!

Who would have thought, another "Say WHAT?" post already! I'm frequently visiting a fair amount of blogs, either by people I know personally or blogs I've ventured upon from reading comments, and apparently there's a new amazing phenomenon going around. The new, hot thing amongst "the cool kids" is to leave comments on all available blogs saying: "Please come to my blog and leave a comment!", or even "I'm having a blog versus blog challenge, and you can win a link from my blog!". What is this? Is there some stupidity contest going on that I'm unaware of? Can someone please enlighten me?

Believe me, if you come to my blog to enter a completely idiotic comment about me visiting your blog I'll be sure not to visit you, or even promote your blog by keeping the comment available to my viewers. Not going to happen, sorry. Save your time and energy to write some real blog posts for your own blog, and try to compose comments related to the post you're commenting on instead of spamming crap. Just think about it. If you have the need to promote your own blog in such a manner, maybe you should just rethink your attempt as a blogger? Now I'm sure I'm gonna get a few "humorous" comments with the intention of annoying me, but if I know you.. I know where to find you, so don't even think about it.

Annoyed? HELL YES!