15th word: “Cold”

There is really not much to say about it, but it's cold as fuck in Trondheim now.


14th word: “Whisky”

As some of you might very well know, one of my biggest passions are whisky. And whiskey. Maybe mostly the latter. My passions seem to fluctuate from time to time, but whisky has been an interest for a few years now - and I have been drinking it for almost 15.

For a while I spent as much time as I could at a pub here in Trondheim, and I even became a member of Trondheim Whiskyklubb where I could share my passion with others. One and a half year passed and things changed, so I started looking for another water hole... which I really didn't find, as not many pubs in Trondheim have such a large selections of whisky and an accessible toilet. You drink, you pee, it's not rocket science. So for about six months I tried finding a place and even though I didn't really succeed, I met new and extraordinary people, I found other options and started feeling a lot happier.

I have learned a lot about whisky since I ventured on to another turf, and my collection might have grown by a bottle or two. The other day I even guessed a whisky I had never tasted before, based on the cask. And honestly... I cannot wait till I'm back in Dublin, drinking my way through the gorgeous city!

Whiskey, here I come!


12th word: “Planning”

See, this is going just great! Who am I kidding? Planning to do something really isn't working out for me. Days are racing by and I'm getting more and more stressed out every minute. Why, you ask? Well, my holiday trip to Ireland is coming up very soon, and there's like a million things to fix before leaving. At least I got paid yesterday, so I won't be traveling like a hobo like I was afraid I might have to.

To be completely honest, I don't really remember what I did yesterday. I don't think I did anything special really. I mainly spend my days planning for the trip, trying not to forget anything crucial. I have also pulled up my Google Maps and started planning what else I would like to do, experience, taste or try when back in Dublin. We all know it'll be a couple of tipples at least!

Oh! The "annual" checkup, that's right. I totally forgot. It went very well actually. Or at least as good as it could without drawing blood from my artery. Yeah, no. That ain't happening. Apparently my lungs have decided to just... stay stable, so there was no worsening, which I'm quite happy about. They are planning to admit me in Feb to do a full workup, so I'll have more details after that.


5th word: “Anxious”

I had a stressful day yesterday. One of the worst kinds. You know, the one where you have no idea why you are anxious? You just are? I'm guessing it's related to money and it's stressing me out.

I'm also going to the hospital tomorrow to have my "annual" checkup, and it's making me anxious as hell to know that I have to venture into the kingdom of all diseases to have this done. I cannot for the life of me understand the logic behind scheduling the appointment at the worst possible time of year, when the flu has started digging its horrible claws into everyone around me, when these doctors should be trained enough to know that the flu can very well kill me? So anyway, the uncertainty is making me anxious, and I'm not fun to be around when I'm anxious.

Oh, did I mention the flu? It's coming. Preventing me from going to concerts and such. And my situation is causing my anxiety to return. I hate this time of year.