Who is Shamini?
Born on an August night in 1979, and currently living in Trondheim with three charming little dogs. I first saw the light of day in Bergen, more accurately Laksev├ąg. When my parents decided to move to Steigen in 1980 I became a northerner for real, and haven't been back to visit Bergen since then. I spent my days in Steigen up until August 2007 when I finally decided to uproot and leave the godforsaken place. If you listen carefully you might hear me admitting, reluctantly, that I occasionally miss my old home and its surrounding nature, which really is the one thing making Steigen a place worth loving.


I was also featured in the June 2010 issue of "Handikapnytt". The article was about people with handicaps, their use of social medias, and can be read by clicking the link.

Why the diary?
Because I have spent most of my life in a wheelchair, I've always had a lot of spare time on my hands. Time which has often been used for thinking thoughts not always happy, but nonetheless I always do my best to keep a smile on my face. People often consider me to be a strong-minded girl who won't let hardship and struggles take me down, but sometimes the negativity still manages to overwhelm me, bringing me down and making my head spin with uncertainty and discomfort. I quickly discovered that a diary really helped me, how liberating it was to let all my thoughts loose on "paper" instead of keeping them locked up inside my head. I've been keeping a diary for many years now, but never on a regular basis. During 2002 I decided to start a diary as part of my website, and in 2003 it really caught on. I've still got a few mental barriers making me wanna censor a lot of what I'm writing, but I'm working on shaking the urge to do so. During the early years my diary was password protected, but eventually I decided to open my diary to everyone interested in learning to know the person behind those dark brown eyes.

Please keep in mind that these are my own private thoughts, and I ask you to show respect and proceed with an open mind. A diary is a private matter, filled with personal thoughts, feelings, experiences and everyday challenges, and this one is no exception.

How to get in touch?
For feedback and/or contact: kinogodt [at] gmail.com
Follow me on Twitter as kinogodt
Find me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kinogodt/

Photo © Norges Handikapforbund & Handikapnytt

Last updated in February 2013

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