12th word: “Planning”

See, this is going just great! Who am I kidding? Planning to do something really isn't working out for me. Days are racing by and I'm getting more and more stressed out every minute. Why, you ask? Well, my holiday trip to Ireland is coming up very soon, and there's like a million things to fix before leaving. At least I got paid yesterday, so I won't be traveling like a hobo like I was afraid I might have to.

To be completely honest, I don't really remember what I did yesterday. I don't think I did anything special really. I mainly spend my days planning for the trip, trying not to forget anything crucial. I have also pulled up my Google Maps and started planning what else I would like to do, experience, taste or try when back in Dublin. We all know it'll be a couple of tipples at least!

Oh! The "annual" checkup, that's right. I totally forgot. It went very well actually. Or at least as good as it could without drawing blood from my artery. Yeah, no. That ain't happening. Apparently my lungs have decided to just... stay stable, so there was no worsening, which I'm quite happy about. They are planning to admit me in Feb to do a full workup, so I'll have more details after that.

Posted by Shamini on December 12, 2018 – 2:05 PM

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