So I talked to FLETCH today. I met Paige in Dublin earlier this year, and she immediately caught my attention. I saw her as a, you know, confident, straightforward, a little drunk and quite charming girl with a special gleam in her eye. Just the kind of person I usually click with. She came over to say hi, we ended up adding each other on Facebook, and every time we talk I'm left smiling. Anyway. I talked to her today, and she said a few things that made me decide to start writing in English again. I don't think I have many readers left anyway, so why not? And please don't think that my lousy blogger English is representable of my actual English skills, it's just that my mind is all over the place when I write for myself. Oh God, I'm doing it again.

She wrote a blog post about depression, and her post hit me straight in my heart because what do I have to be depressed about? I feel the same way, you know, which is why I slowly stopped writing. I found myself constantly censoring myself without really knowing why, I still don't, I just felt like I couldn't post my thoughts and still expect to be looked upon as... I don't know, a sane person? And hell, why should I care how people see me as long as I'm happy with who I am? Geez, I think this single business is getting to me. Like I told Paige, I feel like I'm split down the middle, like I'm two different people, always arguing with myself. Sense versus emotions. I don't know. Anyway, the joy of writing slowly faded away and left me with superficial posts about things I don't really care about. Instead of pouring my heart onto the screen like I intended to, like I used to, as some weird form of therapy... I ended up not writing anything, just bottling everything up inside. It's not healthy, you know.

As I said, her text hit me hard. Because I knew exactly what she meant. If I'm being completely honest I'm pretty sure I'm suffering from some kind of depression, and have been for a very long time. Some days I'm able to hide it. Other days it feels like my life is crashing down around me. Some days I just cry. Others I don't want to exist anymore, I just wanna be gone. And Paige found the key that I've lost, she's doing stuff for herself, to make herself happy. I'm not anymore. I care too much about others, and it's slowing killing me on the inside.

So thank you, Paige, for being a friend and for being the awesome person that you are.

Posted by Shamini on September 27, 2018 – 5:42 PM

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