Selling inserts on Etsy

Remember I talked about designing my own inserts? I finally ended up with some undated inserts that I felt comfortable with, suiting my needs, and I kinda stuck with them. I did change them a little since I wrote the post, I added the month in a font I like, and tweaked them a little bit, but you get the idea. In addition I also made a pull-out monthly overview (which I haven't used once), an expense tracker (mainly to be able to visually see how I'm wasting money, and how much - honestly a pretty depressing insert), an online shopping tracker, and a yearly insert for tracking birthdays and urgent dates.

I also went ahead and designed simple inserts for the pocket size, and then for the A6 (which turned out to be my favorite so far). A good friend asked if I would design some inserts for the A5, so that's next on my list even though I don't use the A5 myself.

Then I started toying with the thought of opening up an Etsy store, because maybe, just maybe, some other planner nerd out there would like my inserts as much as I do? Then a woman in one of the Facebook groups asked for a certain type of inserts, and I figured I could just make them for her. So I did, they turned out quite nice, and as she asked how much I wanted for them I put them up for sale for $3 (or 25 NOK to be exact). She purchased them the very next day, and I almost squealed when I suddenly had a second customer pick them up as well! I haven't listed many of my inserts yet, but I will. It won't make me a millionaire, but it's fun to be appreciated.

Interested in following my humble Etsy store?
Go search for DysfunksjonellDesign (or click here).

Posted by Shamini on November 14, 2015 – 11:16 PM

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