Week 17

Apparently I've gone all quiet on you again, but hey.. there's aaalways a reason, and I've just had too much crap on my mind. Quite frankly I don't even care that I'm typing up this in English, which says it all, no? It's not like I'm not doing anything. Hanging around, glaring at the walls. No, I'm actually busy doing things, living life, enjoying myself in-between battles. And this tagging business is driving me crazy as well. Bloody tags.

I've decided to add a photo of my week 17 in my Gillio, just to illustrate that I actually have a life, because I do. Have a life, I mean. Please ignored the smudged entries. Recently, like the past ..eight months or so, it's consisted of going out partying, going to Starbucks for a grande Toffeenut Latte - I even made it to their «Wall of Awesomeness», working and worrying, sulking, drowning myself in self-pity, planning and so on. Kinda miss my makeup though, so I need to plan a way to implement makeup in my life again.

I just interrupted my own train of thoughts, so now I'm not even sure where I was going with this, but at least you know that I'm alive. I've been living here for a little over a year now, in my own little apartment in Ranheim. A tiny little milestone actually, as this is the first place I've owned on my own, and I totally forgot to celebrate the anniversary. Still as hopeless as ever. I've finally managed to hang the lamellae I purchased last year, so now I have the luxury of privacy too.

And as it turns out, big sisters are a blessing. I kinda forgot that she's some kind of financial genius, but when I realized I had to do my taxes - late as ever - I asked her to double check it for me. She kindly did, and now it turns out I've paid way too much in taxes for the first four months of 2015, which means I'll receive a sweet sum of cash next year - and that I'll be able to go back to living for the rest of the year. Hallelujah!

Photo(s) © Shamini Thevarajah 2015

Posted by Shamini on May 1, 2015 – 12:45 AM

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  1. Et lite tips til deg om du ønsker å komme tilbake til sminken, hva med å starte en youtube kanal og lag sminke videoer Smile

    • Tusen takk for tilliten, og tips, men jeg tror ikke det er noen umiddelbar stor fare for at jeg begynner å lage sminkevideoer. Smile Jeg tenkte i første omgang på å finne en løsning for å iallfall få pakket ut og organisert sminken min igjen – mesteparten er fortsatt nedpakket etter at jeg flyttet, for jeg har typ 10 koster, tre paletter og ikke så mye annet tilgjengelig for tiden. Litt kjedelig. Smile

      • Lag blogginnlegg om sminken din da vel. Jeg tror det kan være intressant Smile Hvordan ønsker du å organisere, sminkebord, speil, krukker….

        • Idéen er ikke dum, men jeg må først og fremst få pakket opp sminken og organisert den slik at jeg kan bruke den, og det er jo det som er den største utfordringen her. Så lenge jeg ikke har en god løsning blir det vanskelig å bruke det jeg har, og da får jeg heller ikke skrevet noe – og helt ærlig, sminkeinnleggene mine virket ikke å være spesielt interessante for noen.

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