Member Evening at Make Up Store

This Wednesday I attended the member's evening at Make Up Store Trondheim on the occasion of their new collection called Spellbound. Such an enticing name, no? When I discovered that most of the products in this launch was purple I knew it was going to become an expensive experience. Just as anticipated, I actually swiped my card three times before leaving the store! The awesome thing about these club evenings, apart from getting to spend time in my own little private heaven on Earth, is that there's always 20% off something - and this time it was 20% off everything.

Surprisingly enough I didn't purchase as many products from Spellbound as I had anticipated, but knowing myself.. that probably just means that I'll be going back sometime soon. It was with a severely heavy heart I turned my back on the gorgeous purple lipstick «Magic Spell», and even though I'm not really a lip gloss kinda girl I had a hard time leaving the new Gloss Lips in «Haze». Ugh. I have regrets. If I was going to choose between the three purple lip products, Maria recommended the new Lip Gloss Wand in «Blue Bell» - a gorgeous gloss that had me spellbound from the very first swatch. Pun intended. An excellent choice.

Make Up Store: Blue BellBlue Bell

With Spellbound three new eyeshadows were released; «Spellbound», «Enamour» og «Allure». Unfortunately the purple «Spellbound» wasn't available in my store yet, but I purchased the latter two. «Enamour» reminds me a lot of «Velvet», one of my absolute favorites from MUS - while «Allure» is a gorgeous dusty ..teal? «Gold Fusion» wasn't a part of Spellbound, it's actually a discontinued blush shade with sparkles. Maria's creativity is contagious, I think. I always leave the store with a million ideas for awesome looks - and this is a perfect color for spicing up any neutral everyday look.

Make Up Store: Allure, Enamour and Gold FusionAllure · Enamour · Gold Fusion

When I realized that «Illusion», a brand new pencil, was part of the collection I could have jumped for joy. We all know how much I relish these pencils. This is the first one with shimmer finish, at least as far as I know. «Illusion» is a light purple, maybe I should call it lilac, which resembles «Go Wild» quite a lot - just cooler, with another finish. Even though I have several pencils resembling one another in color no two are the same, and I use every single one of them. They are without a doubt one of the products I have in my collection that receives the most love.

Make Up Store: Illusion and Crazy LazyIllusion · Crazy Lazy

In addition to these goodies I also picked up four new brushes and a lipstick, but more about that will be in my next post. I'm already looking forward to the next event, although I'm sure I'll be going back for a few more purple pieces before that. Every girl needs a little purple in her life, don't you agree?

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah 2012

Posted by Shamini on September 1, 2012 – 12:00 PM

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  1. Som du vet s deler jeg din entusiasme over lilla, s etter ha lest meg opp p kolleksjonen s fikk jeg lyst til se p den i virkeligheten. Enamor og Blue Bell ser ut som min type produkter Wink

    • Da syns jeg du skal dra og ta deg en titt! Jeg gleder meg til jeg har penger til dra tilbake for plukke med meg «Magic Spell» og «Spellbound» – da er jeg nemlig helt sikker p at livet mitt blir komplett. Wink

  2. Blue Bell var fantstisk! Grin Blir den ordentlig lilla p leppene da?
    Gleder meg til neste post! Smile

    • Den blir ikke like lilla p leppene som den er i tuben, nei – men den er absolutt lilla. Om du har sett promobildet fra denne kolleksjonen, s er den vel den hun har p leppene. Ellers har Linda Hallberg brukt den her, sammen med den lilla leppestiften fra samme kolleksjon. I like! Grin

  3. Herregud, Blue Bell ser alts HELT fantastisk ut. Helt fantastisk!!

  4. Jeg er veldig nyskjerrig p Makeup Store, har gtt forbi den endel ganger, vert inne sett, men tr liksom ikke kjpe noe (akkurat som med MAC… hehe) Har de noen superbra musthave produkter? Smile

    • Jeg kan ikke annet enn anbefale deg ta en tur innom Make Up Store, butikkene deres er som en liten bit av regnbuen plassert p jorden! Hvorfor tr du ikke kjpe noe? Ja! Blant mine absolutte favorittprodukter fra MUS finner du helt klart alle (!) deres blyanter (med lang fargeindikator, se forklaring nederst i dette innlegget), det er nemlig ikke lenge til jeg eier dem alle.. Jeg elsker blushene deres, de tre leppestiftene jeg har, Lip Gloss Wands, Multi Lash Mascara, og en hel del av yenskyggene deres (selv om de ogs har mange jeg ikke liker). Hvis du vil se mer av hva jeg har i samlingen min fra MUS, s kan du klikke her. Smile

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