«A World of Lipsticks!»

You know, I wasn't planning on going to Make Up Store for another two or three weeks, seeing that I don't have a dime in my bank account - but apparently I have a very sweet fiancé (like I didn't know), who let me borrow his credit card to go shopping at their «A World of Lipsticks!» VIP evening yesterday. Everything was 20% off, and at the end of the event five randomly chosen people would win a goodie bag! I had a wonderful time, and I even had a glass of pink bubbles. How's that for a Tuesday! One of the main reasons why I had such an awesome time was Maria, of course! I can always count on her, and yesterday was no different. She tried three lipsticks on me, one of which I brought with me home, a lip pencil and taught me a little something about blush, blush application and brushes. She's one of those people who just magically brightens your day, you know?


Since it was an evening dedicated to a «World of Lipsticks!» I wanted to check out some of their lipsticks. I asked Maria about a lipstick called «First Kiss» (Lene is wearing it here), but when she applied it to my lips it was just not quite it. She pulled out another one, «Peachy» (cream), applied it to my lips and I was sold. Unfortunately I have these strange issues with wearing color on my lips, kinda similar to my blush issues, and I usually end up walking out the door with a bare lip. I didn't have any problems strutting around with «Peachy» on my lips. She topped it off with a little bit of «My Precious Coral» lip liner, and it looked even more awesome. Personally I'm not so sure I'd call it peachy, it's more like a fiery coral. I also picked up «Apricot Tan» recommended to me by the stunning Killer Colours, and it actually made the lipstick look even sexier. And with these two liners I can change the color of the lipstick from lighter and brighter, to darker and more sultry.

Make Up Store: My Precious Coral, Apricot Tan and Peachy


I had a lot of time in the store, and I really took my time swatching interesting colors, and looking around. Usually I feel all stressed out when I'm in a store, trying to look at something, feeling like I'm constantly in the way or even afraid of hitting and breaking something by accident (most of the time I'm in control, but you never know). At Make Up Store I always feel welcome, and I managed to check out everything I wanted to take a closer look at. As I already mentioned I had to scratch some of the things I had on my list, simply because I didn't like the color on my skin tone, or the texture in general. «Sun Breeze» was the first color I decided to get, mostly because I wanted to find a highlight color suitable for me (having yellow undertones, not pink). I considered «Muffin», but it was a tinge too pink. «City Jungle» looks like an incredible boring color in the pan, just another grassy green, but when you take a closer look you'll discover its magic. It's such a complex color! I'd call it a green duochrome with a blue teal undertone, and a subtle gold shimmer? I have no idea if I'm even describing it correctly, I just know I wouldn't have looked at it twice if it hadn't been for the fact that the tester had a dent in it, and when Øyvind picked it up for me the shifting color came alive. Amazing! Since purple is one of my ultimate favorite colors, and MUS has become one of my favorite brands lately, I wanted to get at least one. «Flamenco» is another strange color. In the store it looked like a gorgeous blue toned purple, but once I swatched it on my hand it looked like a deep, dark red, or rather burgundy. I have no idea of what to expect from this color, surely it's supposed to be purple?

Make Up Store: Sun Breeze, City Jungle and FlamencoSun Breeze · City Jungle · Flamenco

I did also swatch a few of their Eye Dusts - you know me, scared senseless of loose powders - but even though colors like «Victory» was completely breathtaking I couldn't see myself reaching for them. And I'm not going to keep purchasing things I'll stick in a drawer anyway. I hate loose powders, I hate glitter and I absolutely hate fallout.

Blush and Brush

I also decided to add a couple of brushes to my arsenal. After doing a little research I had more or less decided to purchase 109 Blending Brush Small. It's made out of goat hair, and I'm not really sure what to compare it to. It's like the chubbier big brother to M·A·C 219 Pencil Brush. It looks very promising to me, and I'm eager to take it for a spin. While I was standing there, glancing at the many brushes displayed I noticed the 115 Brush Angled Shading, and remembered that I've been thinking about getting an angled shading brush for quite some time now. It's made out of pony hair, and I'm guessing it's pretty much the same as the M·A·C 275 Medium Angled Shading Brush. I'm hoping this brush will make it easier for me to get the desired shape when I'm playing around with my eyeshadows. Maria also pointed out that it made applying the MUS Eye Dusts a bit easier, since it picks up the color nicely. The last brush became a necessity after having discussed blush with her. I've just recently started wearing blush, I suddenly decided to just.. dive into it! We talked about application and placement, and I asked her which brush she'd recommend for blush. She instantly showed me the 116 Globe Blending Brush. This is a small brush, but it's quite soft and not so dense. It fans out nicely, and I can imagine it giving me a lot more control upon application - just as she told me it would. With it I picked out a Wonder Blush in the color «Pharao», and left the enticing warm coral for another time. I wanted a more neutral blush to practice with, and «Pharao» seems to be perfect for that purpose. I feel so proud of myself, you have no idea. Accomplishing things here! I didn't include a photo of the blush since it's a loose powder in a black sifter jar, but I might share a photo of me wearing it instead. Might.

Make Up Store: 116, 115 and 109

Who said money can't buy happiness?

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah 2012

Posted by Shamini on June 6, 2012 – 11:22 PM

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  1. Alltid så koselig når du kommer innom! Håper du blir fornøyd! Ekstra spent på blushen, jeg! Og om du liker å påføre den med kosten jeg anbefalte. Smile Jippi for nye ting! Grin

    • Takk, Maria! Jeg storkoser meg hver gang jeg er innom hos deg, og jeg smiler jo i fler dager etterpå. Jeg er kjempefornøyd med alt jeg har kjøpt, men har ikke fått brukt alt enda. Blushen er neste punkt på agendaen, og jeg tror kosten blir kjempebra! Grunnen til at jeg spurte var jo fordi jeg ikke får til å bruke disse svære kostene, jeg føler at jeg får blush overalt, og 116 virker perfekt. Skal holde deg oppdatert! Og så vil jeg ha den korallfargede vi så på når jeg var der.. får den ikke ut av hodet, men jeg husker ikke hva den het! Kommer innom igjen når jeg har penger til å “gå i godtebutikken” igjen. Wink

      • Jeg smiler også! Grin Ja, hold meg oppdatert! Den andre blushen er helt nydelig og heter Lush. Smile Carmel er også kjempefin til deg, men den er ikke sååå ulik Pharaoh. Litt rødere kanskje. Smile Skal du ha noe rosa, så tror jeg Fresh Rose er fin på deg! Den er brennende rosa på huden og gir kjempefin glød! Vi får prøve litt neste gang du er innom. Wink

        • Grin Skal teste blushen og kosten sammen på mandag, så skal du få en oppdatering. Fargen så veldig spennende ut, jeg måtte jo nesten teste den på hånda! Ser her ja, her kommer jo alternativene på løpende bånd. Grin Huff, jeg gleder meg allerede kjempemasse til neste gang, og vil veldig gjerne prøve! Hurra! Grin

  2. Jeg har faktisk City Jungle, den er RÅKUL! Kanskje jeg skal lage en look med den i morgen!? Skikkelig fresh farge Smile Så mye fint du fikk kjøpt, tipper leppestiften blir kjempefin på deg! Håper vi får se deg med blushen på, gleder meg Grin

    • Se der ja! Det merkelige er jo at jeg aldri ville kjøpt den om det ikke hadde vært for at den hadde ei “grop” i midten som fikk blåtonen i den til å komme frem. Utrolig spennende farge, og jeg tror jeg skal teste den i min neste look! Håper du poster bilder om du bruker den, jeg vil veldig gjerne se. Leppestiften var utrolig lekker, så nå må jeg bare venne meg til å ha noe på leppene.. utrolig flott farge! Når det gjelder blushen skal jeg se hva jeg kan ordne. Wink

  3. Wow… I got really tempted now to go to Make Up Store tomorrow after work to try and find some new goodies Smile Love all the things you got… especially the shadows Smile

    • Oh, please let me know what you end up getting there! I’m so curious, and I love hearing opinions from others – maybe I can pick up some tips? Smile The shadows are gorgeous indeed, and I know I’ll be getting a few more next time I go there.. Wink Thank you. Smile Hugs!

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