Bianco® Footwear: a tale of excellent customer service

With this post I'm starting a brand new column called «Fan-frigging-tastic», where I'll be writing about positive experiences with companies, stores and people in general. Like a wall of praise! At 4:12 AM it sounded like a fabulous idea. Moving on. You know how I speak of The Perfect Purse or Bag every once in a while? Well, a new one has suddenly come to my attention. I still haven't found the fascination for designer bags, even though I love my Dior Gaucho Saddle Bag to death, so the one I'm mentioning in this post is actually from Bianco® Footwear. When I go looking for a bag or purse I have a lot of requirements; I need it to be small and light enough for me to carry, I prefer handles and if it has a strap I'd like it to be detachable so I can remove it since I rarely use the strap anyway. I also love compartments (lots and lots of them), and I prefer leather to any other material. You might recall me falling head over heels in love with the «Louisa» from Catwalk Collection Handbags Ltd.? Such a gorgeous bag, but it's a bit too big and heavy for me - which breaks my heart. I even had to endure being referred to as 'Ms Beard', remember? I'm not giving it up though, you'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands whenever I've gone sleeping with the fishies.

Bianco Footwear
Photo: Bianco® Footwear

There's a pretty long story to this purchase, and I'm not going to bore you with all the details. A good friend of mine came by carrying this bag, and I immediately fell in love with it. You know when you watch a cartoon, and hearts come floating out of someone's eyes? That was me. Right there. I loved everything about it; the compartments, the handle, the detachable cross-body strap, the model - and I knew I needed to own one, preferably right that instant. Let me just tell you it's never easy to realize any of these ideas I get stuck on, and this was no exception. She had purchased the bag about a year ago and naturally it wasn't part of the Bianco® stock anymore. I checked, both in-store and online. I started stressing about it, thinking that it was long gone and how I'd never get the chance to own this baby. And you know how very special items suddenly becomes indispensable the minute you become aware how it's a limited edition? The sprockets in my head went into overdrive.. until I suddenly remembered we live in 2012! I logged onto Facebook, found Bianco® Footwear and composed a quick message, asking if they by any chance would be able to help me find this bag. A very nice woman from Denmark replied to me the next day, asked me to send her an e-mail with a photo of my friend's bag. This was May 16th. I replied with a photo as requested, and on May 21st I received another e-mail with product photos of the bag in question. She said she would look into it and get back to me as soon as possible, and n May 23rd I received a list over stores supposedly still carrying it. I was a little puzzled when I saw that my local Bianco® was supposed to have it in stock. I went back to the store to ask, bringing with me the e-mail from Denmark, but as I thought.. they didn't have it. The sales woman couldn't even remember having seen it before, but asked me to obtain an item number so she could run it through their systems. I e-mailed Denmark again, updating them on the recent events. On May 24th I received the last e-mail, this time from Bianco® Norway, informing me that Bianco® Footwear Steinkjer would have it in stock in the color «Camel», and a phone number to reach them at. At this time I didn't really care much about the color. I just wanted the bag. The phone number had apparently been disconnected, but after asking Google I managed to get the hold of Bianco® Footwear Steinkjer anyway. They confirmed that they did indeed have this bag in stock and they would be happy to ship it to me. So I paid the bag immediately, and today (May 31st) I got word that my bag was shipped. I'm hoping it'll arrive tomorrow, but most likely it'll reach me on Friday! I think I'll name it «Unicorn». Since it was so damn difficult to capture, I mean. I have to send a thousand thanks to Bianco® both in Denmark and in Norway, for helping me find this bag and thereby taking customer service to a completely new level. I'm really grateful, and I'll be thinking of you every time I carry my bag with me - thank you!

Now, I originally wrote this post on May 31st and I haven't received my bag yet. I did however find a letter in my mailbox Saturday morning, from the courier Schenker, informing me that a shipment had indeed arrived for me. Schenker? Seriously? You shipped the bag by Schenker? I'm baffled. I'm sure it would have been both cheaper and quicker to just ship it by regular mail, but what do I know. Apparently the bag arrived in Trondheim, which is about a two hour drive away from Steinkjer, on Friday - but since it took a day for the letter to reach me, I was unable to get my bag until today. At the earliest. Not that I needed it during the weekend, but I'm sure you can feel my frustration. You see, Schenker is closed during the weekend. The letter also kindly informed me that delivery was included in the price, so I could decide for myself if I wanted to have it delivered, or if I would prefer to come pick it up myself. My goodness, how generous! I just wish they would have called me or something.

Today Wednesday it is then? Time will show, I'll keep you posted!

So I had Øyvind call Schenker this morning to set up delivery for today. Of course it wasn't possible as Schenker couldn't give me a more specific time for delivery than sometime between 16:00 and 21:00, and we had to take Felix to the veterinarian for his three month checkup. I'm so impressed. Not. When I later decided to stay home with the two other dogs I tried calling Schenker again to arrange delivery for today after all, but apparently I should have called them 12 minutes earlier. Schenker only delivers on Mondays and Wednesdays, so I'm hoping I'll have my bag by Wednesday then.

Posted by Shamini on June 4, 2012 – 12:00 PM

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  1. Så fint at du greide å skaffe deg vesken! Og det var utrolig god kundeservice hos Bianco. Elsker når slikt skjer! Du får liksom lyst til å handle der oftere da.

    • Det var bare flaks! Hadde egentlig ikke tenkt å sende den meldingen, for jeg regnet jo med at det var for sent – såpass lenge etter, men moralen i historien er: det koster ingenting å spørre, det verste du kan få er et nei. Smile Kundeservicen får to tomler opp, en gullstjerne og 6/6 mulige.

  2. Wow, det kan man kalle fantastisk kundeservice! Håper vesken er alt du drømmer om og mer til Smile

    • Jeg tør vel egentlig ikke håpe at det virkelig er rett veske før jeg får se den når den engang blir levert, men dersom det er veska jeg bestilte (den på bildet), så er den helt perfekt. I virkeligheten er den ganske mye mindre enn en kanskje forestiller seg ut fra bildet, og hver gang jeg ser venninnen min sin blir jeg helt forelska. Merkelige greier det der! Smile

  3. Den følelsen med hjerteøyne vet jeg AKKURAT hvordan er! Haha Grin Hadde det sånn med Lime øyeskyggen fra MAC, jeg ble først helt desperat og SKIKKELIG stressa, for det er jo bare typisk at den hadde blitt lansert i en kolleksjon ikke lenge før jeg skjønte at jeg MÅTTE ha den. Men så er det noen mennesker i verden som er til for å gjøre andre glade, som deg! <3 Smile

  4. Den vesken var skikkelig fin! Er på utkikk etter ny veske for tiden, og tror jeg godt kunne tenkt meg noe slikt. (Så du får si i fra om den av en eller annen grunn ikke var god nok for deg likevel, haha! Razz)

    Det er flott når butikker gir så bra kundeservice. Det koster en ikke så mange ekstra minutter på jobb for å gjøre andre glade Smile

    • Jeg skal huske på at du er interessert, men jeg tror vel egentlig ikke jeg kommer til å gi den fra meg med det første. Wink Du får kontakte din lokale Bianco, og sende med bildet – kanskje du også får napp? Den kommer i svart også.

      Nei, det skal være sikkert og visst, dessverre er det altfor mange butikkansatte der ute som synes å hate jobben og kundene sine. Derfor syns jeg det er ekstra viktig å skryte av de som er av den gode typen, som gjør andre glade – de er verdt så utrolig mye. Smile

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