Amazing Tails Sing for the Moment

I would like to present the newest member to our little family; Amazing Tails Sing for the Moment, or Felix as we shall be calling him on a daily basis. Felix was born on March 12th in a litter with three other males, and he's a long coat chihuahua in the color cream. I've wished for a dog from this specific breeder for a little more than three years now, but there's always been something in the way of adopting one of her pups - until now! His sire is the infamous Multi CH Guichon's My Name Is No No Bad Boy, and his dam the lovely Lilleengels Born for Amazing Tails. So I'm anxious to see how he'll turn out as he develops into a full-grown male, although I hope he'll stay a pup for a long time.

Felix hasn't been her for a whole day yet, so I don't know him very well yet. He's immensely trusting, confident and pretty courageous! It didn't take long before he settled in, drinking and eating, sleeping and playing with our two other ones. At first I was a little afraid of what Theo would say about this new little creature in his pack, but oddly he seems to have taken the role of some kind of father figure? He checks on him while he sleeps, and as we speak he's whining because Felix has turned in for the night.

Thank you so much, Heidi, for trusting us with this little baby boy! It means the world to me.

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah 2012

Posted by Shamini on May 18, 2012 – 11:45 PM

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  1. He’s so cute *____* Congrats!!

  2. Så herlig han er! ^^

  3. What a cute little boy congratulations Smile

  4. Gratulerer så mye med et nytt familiemedlem. Felix er fantastisk søt Wink

  5. Oh my goodness Shock
    He is so adorable Smile
    aaw so cute that Theo has taken a father role Smile Our cat Kimi does the same when we have friends over that have younger cats with them… he kinda lets them do whatever they want with him.. same goes for human babies Smile

  6. Åå, den lille skapningen der er fantastisk nydelig! Såå søt Smile

  7. Awww, han er bare så skjønne <3 Grin

  8. Herlighet så fin! Jeg har så lyst på en slik liten krabat selv en dag Grin

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