IsaDora Coral Glow and Mandarine

Speaking of IsaDora and their #wonderfulwednesday; I was actually one of the winners in their twitter contest last Wednesday! Mr. Postman dropped it off yesterday, and when I ripped open the bubble mailer I found a lipstick, a gloss and a lip liner inside - one of the two lip sets from their new upcoming summer 2012 collection Papagayo.

  • Perfect Moisture Lipstick in 163 Coral Glow
  • Moisturizing Lip Gloss in 14 Coral Glow
  • Perfect Lipliner in 32 Mandarine

IsaDora Papagayo 2012

I love the colors of these three products, and I'm so grateful that they sent me the Coral Glow as opposed to Tropical Pink! I'm not too big on pink, but corals on the other hand are usually love at first sight with me, and this was no exception. Now if only the sun could come out from behind the clouds and grant us with some warmth, and spring would decide come along and stick around before magically transforming into summer!

A great big thanks to @isadoraglobal for having these contest for their followers!

Want to see swatches?
Sanna over at Purity has some awesome swatches of the lipstick, gloss and lipliner - and what Sanna does so good, I'm not going to attempt to recreate.

And if you're keen on exploring the rest of this collection, well then.. take a look here.

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah 2012

Posted by Shamini on May 15, 2012 – 12:00 PM

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  1. … lurer på om jeg kanskje må begynne å delta i disse konkurransene Razz

  2. Så fine ting du fikk! Trur du passer de fargene der perfekt! Konkurransene deres er geniale, synd vi må vente 3 månder nå til vi får delta neste gang Wink
    Hadde jeg vunnet, hadde jeg håpet på tropical pink Razz

    • Ja, jeg ble kjempeglad når jeg så hva jeg fikk! Var det ikke tre uker mellom hver gang da? Tre måneder er leeenge.. Du vant en palett, gjorde du ikke? Hvilken fikk du? Smile Du hadde sikkert sett like fantastisk ut i «Tropical Pink» som du gjør i alt annet som er rosa! Grin

  3. Så fine farger! Er veldig glad i disse fargene selv Smile Lip lineren så spessielt fin ut

  4. Heldig du er altså, fargene ser nydelige ut. Tror du kommer til å se smashing ut med disse påført Smile

  5. DEN LIPLINEREN!! Så fantastisk kul! Grin Ligner kanskje litt på min nye fra MAC, oransjeee <3

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