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The last couple of weeks I've almost been constantly refreshing my wonderful little dashboard app called "Delivery Status" by Junecloud. It's an app where I can add tracking for everything I've ordered, and it'll instantly show me where my packages are, and sometimes also when they'll arrive (depending on the courier). This app works best for any courier service like UPS, DHL, FedEx - but I use it for anything traceable from USPS, Posten Norge, Royal Mail and which ever else postal service I'm expecting a delivery from. Anyway, let's get back on track, shall we? I've been loving this app lately because I've been shopping vigorously at Nordstrom, one of my all-time favorite online stores in the US (and a phenomenal substitute now that Sephora's being ridiculous).

Dior Croisette for Summer 2012

  • 'Le Croisette' 5 Couleurs Couture Colour Eyeshadow Palette: 654 Aurora
  • Diorskin Nude Tan Natural Radiance Colour & Glow Powder: 002 Sunlight
  • Diorshow Liner Waterproof: 258 Turquoise
  • Dior Addict: 544 Jet Set

Dior Croisette 2012

As I recently wrote in a comment for a fellow blogger, I don't know what has happened to me! I used to be someone who couldn't give a rat's ass about brands and designers, who would leave home without any makeup on and not be self-conscious about it at all. Now I have these odd cravings for expensive and exclusive bits and bobs, I suddenly prefer some designers over others, and I cannot leave the apartment without at least doing my eyebrows first. Dior has become one of my favorites among the more luxurious brands, from which I have accumulated a nice little collection of products. When the new Summer 2012 collection Croisette was released it strangely didn't appeal to me at all. Had I been a little intelligent I would have stayed away, but I had to watch a video by RAEview that really sparked an interest. Or more like an obsession.. I think the main reason might have been that Rae's colors are similar to mine, and all the products she used in her tutorial looked amazing on her.

'Le Croisette' 654 Aurora reviewed and swatched here, courtesy of FruityLashes.

I don't really like the relief in these Croisette quints, but the colors in «Aurora» was too pretty to pass up. Maybe it's because I'm a Leo, a late summer child, or maybe it's simply because it makes me think of fire. I knew I had to have it, and I'm quite sure it'll look smashing on me - as it did on Rae. With this collection Dior also released new editions of the Diorskin Nude Tan powders, some of you might already know «Aurora» and «Sunset» from Summer 2011. Now, I have no idea what to call them. Dior.com has one name (Diorskin Nude Tan Natural Radiance Colour & Glow Powder), Nordstrom has another name for them (Diorskin 'Healthy Glow' Enhancing Powder Bronzer), and in Sweden they have a third name (Diorskin Nude Tan Bloom Powder). Frustrating much? I chose 002 «Sunlight» because it looked most suiting for me, to be used as both a light bronzer and a blush.

The two last items I chose from this collection was the Diorshow Waterproof Liner, which I've never tried before, and another Addict lipstick. Both colors perfect for summer! The liner is the same robin's egg blue as the gorgeous Dior Vernis 401 St. Tropez, which I hunted down in Paris last summer - rereleased with Dior Croisette. I'm a little unsure of how I feel about the Diorshow Liner as I've heard both good and bad things about these liners, but Rae mentioned it was different from the older ones, a new formulation. And the lipstick? Just another gorgeous orange coral. I was a little bit sad to find that mine had a nick from production, but it'll be gone after a few uses.

Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Terra Azzurra

  • 'Terra Azzurra' Powder Bronzer and Blush
  • 'Terra Azzurra Terracotta' Khôl Kajal Eyeliner: 02 Blu Acqua
  • 'Terra Azzurra' Powder Brush

Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Terra Azzurra 2012

Now here's where you can picture me looking into the ground while I stir my foot around in the gravel. Yes, I am ashamed. I'm ashamed for getting myself tricked into this collection. I have no one to blame but myself, but when I saw Karla mention this collection on Twitter I was completely and utterly sold. Instantly! The main piece in the Guerlain by Emilio Pucci is said to be the Terra Azzurra bronzer/blush, and I have no problem understanding why. It's immensely gorgeous! So sophisticated, and yet another piece I can't see myself using - just admiring, swooning over, every once in a while. Insane, I know. The colors of the blush are meant to be used together, as the stripes are too narrow to use alone, and the compact is made of dark wood. It feels heavy in my hand, it was a pleasant scent to it (tahitian Tiare flower, a sub-sort of Gardenia) - a truly luxurious item, a crown jewel to any collection.

Terra Azzurra Bronzer/Blush reviewed and swatched here, courtesy of Temptalia.

The Terra Azzurra Powder Brush is a special, limited edition of the Guerlain 'Meteorites' Brush with pink bristles, only colored to match the rest of the collection - a gorgeous midnight blue kabuki-style brush. It feels a bit stiff, so I'm not sure whether or not I'll be using it on my face, and I saw someone mentioning that it bled quite a bit of dye even after a few washes. I didn't purchase the Terra Azzurra Pearls d'Azur Meteorites, which this brush is meant to be used with, but I thought I'd use it with my 'Meteorites' compact instead. After reading a lot of reviews I've come to understand that most people have a love/hate relationship with the Guerlain 'Meteorites' Pearls due to their shimmery effect. I'm shiny enough as it is, and don't want to add additional shimmer to my face.

The Khôl Kajal Eyeliner has tickled my curiosity ever since I first saw it, and it's meant to be worn on the waterline. The one thing that sold me on this kajal was how Karla said she's heard it goes on indigo blue on some, and blue-purple on others. I'm so intrigued! Seeing as it's Guerlain it has a pretty stiff price tag, and is available in two colors: the original black, and this limited edition Blu Acqua.

.. and everything else!

  • Guerlain 'Meteorites' Illuminating & Mattifying Pressed Powder: 03 Teint Doré
  • Chanel Poudre Univerelle Libre Natural Finish Loose Powder: 040 Doré
Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating and Mattifying Pressed Powder Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating and Mattifying Pressed Powder

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre Natural Finish Loose Powder

Along with my sudden urge for luxury and exclusivity I've developed an unhealthy interest for face powders, and I've been researching different brands for a while now to find something suitable for my skin. I ended up with two interesting powders on my list. One was the Guerlain 'Meteorites' Illumination & Mattifying Pressed Powder, which has received good reviews as far as I have found. The main reason why I ended up choosing this powder was the fact that it's pressed, but also because I wanted to try out the Meteorites concept without having to choose the actual (shimmery) pearls. It has a rather interesting floral scent, of violets apparently, which might turn out to be sickening. We'll just have to see, I don't really feel like walking around smelling like an old lady just yet. The Guerlain 'Meteorites' Illumination & Mattifying Pressed Powder comes in three different shades, and after going back and forth for a while I went with 03 Teint Doré for golden complexions. From reviews I've seen people experiencing oxidation with 02 Teint Beige, I have no idea if it's an issue with all three shades. The only thing I found a little disappointing was how this compact feels really light and cheap. It's clearly made of plastic as opposed to metal, and while I understand it's a somewhat cheaper edition of the original 'Meteorites' I still feel a little cheated.

The second powder was the Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre Natural Finish Loose Powder, recommended to me by several people. I'm curious about this powder indeed, but I feel a little turned off by the fact that it's loose. We'll see, the way people speak of this powder it must be something angelic about it. There are four shades available in the US, even though it's said to be transparent, so I chose 03 Doré - again for golden complexions. I've never been a sucker for Chanel packaging, but I really like the heavy feel of the frosted jar this product comes in - I do wish it would have been glass instead of plastic, but that's just a matter of personal preference. It contains the stunning amount of 30 grams, so it'll last me a lifetime for sure. I've heard it's supposed to be rose-scented, but I'm unable detect any scent at all.

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah 2012

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  1. Fantastisk innkjøp Shamini!
    Skjønner at du har ventet på denne pakken, så mange godsaker!!
    Alt ser nydelig ut Smile
    Jeg har pudderet fra Chanel og pudderet fra Guerlain, men i andre farger enn deg. Liker begge produktene godt. Enig i det du skriver om Guerlainetuiet, men det er vel en grunn til at dette er den billigere versjonen..

    • Tusen, tusen takk, Line! Skjønner du nå hvorfor jeg egentlig ikke ville poste dette innlegget? Det har vært noen uendelig lange dager, og jeg er jo ikke akkurat tålmodig fra før.. Wink

      Når det gjelder Guerlain, så har du nok helt rett i at det sikkert henger sammen med at dette er den billige versjonen – men samtidig.. den er jo ikke SÅ billig! Ikke er den refillable heller, så jeg syns jo de kunne spandert på seg litt mer luksus. Jeg forventet meg et mye tyngre etui, så jeg holdt på å slippe det i gulvet når det var så mye lettere enn antatt. Det gikk heldigvis bra! Gleder meg til å leke med disse, så langt er jeg veldig fornøyd med alt jeg har kjøpt – ingen skuffende overraskelser, bortsett fra at leppestiften hadde «luftbobler» på tuppen. Grin

  2. For en haul! Grin Såå gøy! Tipper øyeskyggepaletten fra Dior kommer til å bli fantastisk på deg! Smile Og jeg har SÅ lyst på den eyelineren fra Dior nå, etter at jeg så det bildet her .. uffamei. Jeg hadde jo bestemt meg for å IKKE kjøpe den, men så kommer du og viser meg sånne fine bilder. Du er så god til å overtale!!

    • Tusen takk, Marie! Grin Jeg håper «Aurora» blir like bra som jeg tror. Jeg får bruke den til en look, og høre hva dere syns! Du kan da vel ikke skylde på meg for at du har lyst på lineren, jeg har jo ikke engang lagt ut swatches! Wink Pøh, det er du som er lett å overtale (akkurat sånn som meg), men det er egentlig ganske kult at vi har såpass lik smak. Grin

      Hva syns du om de andre tingene da? Har du synspunkter om noen av produktene?

  3. Gleder meg til å høre hva du synes om Chanel-pudderet! Jeg har ikke lest om andre enn det rosa, jeg – og der er jeg helt solgt. Og jeg merker veldig lett denne roseduften på mitt, men det er jo mulig det er litt sterkere ettersom at mitt heter “Rose” Razz

    Ellers er jeg også veldig glad i Dior! Herlige innpakninger de kommer med! Jeg var virkelig innstilt på å kjøpe meg Swimming Pool-paletten nå mot sommeren, men hørte at den var veldig dårlig pigmentert og at det var veldig mye shimmer. Nedtur!

    • Jeg skal komme med oppdateringer når jeg får prøvd det skikkelig. Jeg har så store ambisjoner, men når det kommer til stykket.. så får jeg liksom ikke gjort halvparten av det jeg hadde planer om (ref. her). Jeg tviler egentlig på at navnet «Rose» har noe med hvorvidt det dufter eller ei, det er godt mulig det bare er meg og luktesansen min. Wink

      Jeg kikket vel egentlig ikke så nøye på Dior Swimming Pool, siden jeg er såpass mørk at sånne farger ikke er så veldig tiltalende på meg (men også fordi jeg ikke er glad i pasteller). Såvidt jeg har skjønt er den ikke veldig skimrende, men den er jo ikke spesielt godt pigmentert nei. Kjedelig ja! Frown

  4. Så utrolig mye fint og spennende! Fikk nesten litt 17-mai feeling av eyelinerern fra Guerlain.Den mangler liksom bare litt hvitt Razz

  5. WOW WOW WOW! Så mye fint. En skikkelig siklepost. Jeg skulle gjerne hatt det meste her selv altså Wink Den øyenskyggepaletten vil jeg gjerne se i en look ja, den tror jeg kler deg kjempegodt. Smile

    Håper du blir å like pudderet fra Chanel like godt som jeg liker mitt. Smile

    • Tusen takk, Monica! Grin Er det lov å si seg helt enig? Jeg har ikke ryddet tingene i denne posten av skrivebordet mitt enda, sånn at jeg kan beundre dem en stund til. En look med «Aurora» skal jeg få til ja! Hvilket Chanel Poudre Libre har du? Det virker som om at ‘alle’ har det rosa, men jeg tror på en måte det hadde blitt feil til meg – transparent eller ei. Smile

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