Sunndalsøra 2012

I'm in (or possibly at) Sunndalsøra as we speak, where we're attending our first dog show of 2012. It feels so good to be showing, and seeing all our dog friends again! Since Cuda has been degraded to family mascot, he's just along for the ride and the social training of the whole ordeal.

Day 1

Theo, our little star, proved himself in the show ring today - despite the cold, wet and windy weather. I didn't sleep very well last night, so it was quite painful to be up and about before 10 AM. But who on Earth cares when my little fuzzball made me so proud? He received EXL1 CK BHK4, which basically means that he was awarded a red ribbon for excellent quality and placed first in his class, received CK or «champion quality» - and the CK let him compete for the Best Male title, where he came in fourth. An experienced shower might not be too pleased with results like these, but I'm still an amateur and I was smiling from ear to ear when I saw the judge handing him the EXL ribbon. I would have been pleased with nothing more! In addition, his critique was really nice.

Maskulin hann. Meget god type. Herlig hode + uttrykk. God hals og overlinje. Velansatt hale. Normalt vinklet. Velkroppet, utmerket pels. Beveger seg bra.

April 28th, 2012 · Judge: Anne-Mari Haugsten, Norway

I've added a photo taken today, and a photo from the same period last year. You see? Spring is late, and the weather is awful, almost like in fall. Anyway, Trædal Hotell & Turistsenter is a wonderful place to stay, and it's even better now that we have our own «little» caravan to live in. I brought my trustworthy MacBook Air, the dogs are peaceful and my fiancé is making dinner by my side. Seriously cosy! Speaking of the caravan.. you know how I told you it needed a few adjustments? Well, our dealer was supposed to fix a couple of things for us, like «making» a bench where I can take a shower and wash my hair while on a camping trip and everything seemed to be working out fine. Unfortunately he was unable to meet our requirements, and we had to start looking for someone else to do the job. I seriously can't go on a longer trip without being able to clean myself up? It seemed quite an impossible task, but after a few phone calls and thanks to a good tip Øyvind found a place called Berg Karosserifabrikk, right here in Trondheim. He spoke with the manager, who sounded very optimistic, and our caravan was driven up from Ålesund (where it's been since November 2011) last Wednesday. Øyvind went there to meet with Berg Karosserifabrikk, explained what we were looking for, what we needed, and the manager was going to look into it. We made arrangements to come pick up the caravan on Friday - only two days later - before leaving for Sunndalsøra, and when Øyvind unlocked the door he was taken completely by surprise. Berg Karosserifabrikk had already finished the job! And done such an excellent job too! It's certainly more than I could have hoped for, and I finally feel like the caravan is really ours - and perfect, just perfect. So an enormous thanks to Berg Karosserifabrikk, you guys are awesome!

Sunndalsora, April 28th 2012Trædal Hotell & Turistsenter, April 28th 2012

Sunndalsora, May 1st 2011Trædal Hotell & Turistsenter, May 1st 2011

We spent the evening with most of the others, having dinner, talking and just enjoying ourselves. Spending time with everyone is one of my favorite things with these weekends, and I have to admit I'm really looking forward to our next dog show. It's so much more social now that we have a caravan, and don't have to drive back and forth on the same day - or check into some expensive hotel if we want to stay with the others. Next show is in the end of June!

Day 2

As you might understand I'm not in Sunndalsøra anymore, but since a portion of this post was written while it was pouring down outside and I had nothing else to do, I decided to finish it off now that I'm back home. So here goes! On Sunday we had to meet at the show ring at 9 AM, and thankfully the weather gods had decided to grant us some blue skies and the sun! It was still a little chilly, but so much better than the day before, and Theo seemed to be thriving. We stood before a new judge, Siv Jernhake, and I was nervous like crazy just like I always am when I don't know how the judge will like my little fuzzball. I almost squealed out loud (I definitely squealed on the inside) when Theo received a red ribbon for excellent quality, and it was some nerve wrecking minutes before she ended up awarding the other male with a second red ribbon, placing him 1st. When Øyvind left the show ring he told me what the judge had said, and she was really going back and forth between the two males before deciding. She praised Theo up and beyond, but since he's lacking a little on the roundness of the skull, and also might be considered to have a longer nose than desired (to me a longer nose equals a healthy dog without any issues with its eyes or teeth), she chose the other male - which is quite OK as we know these are a few of his weaknesses. I was really happy with the EXC, as well as with the positive feedback from the judge! And honestly? This weekend couldn't have been any better!

En trivelig hanne av utmerket størrelse. Kunne hatt mere rund skalle og noe kortere nese. Bra bitt. Fine ører. Bra rygg og brystkasse. Velvinklet. Vakker hale og gode bevegelser.

April 29th, 2012 · Judge: Siv Jernhake, Sweden

I kinda wish we could have stayed one more day, but Øyvind was supposed to work on Monday. Not only because of the beautiful weather, but also so we could have socialized a little more with the others who stayed behind for a few more days (since May 1st is a holiday in Norway). We had a wonderful time with everyone, and I cannot explain how much I appreciate these social gatherings. They kinda make my.. month(s).

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah 2011/2012

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  1. Gratulerer med fjerdeplass! Må være kjekt ^^

    Utstillinger er sikkert gøy, men med den rasen vi har (Labrador) synes jeg det egentlig bare er litt skummelt. Labradorene skal være kraftige og ha korte bein. Får helt vondt av å se på “championene” som bor rundtom i området her. Det ser ut som at de har vondt for å gå hele gjengen. Hun ene damen mater dem til og med med havegrøt før utstilling slik at de skal bli oppblåste og se større ut oO

    Jeg er glad vi kjøpte fra en oppdretter som er mer opptatt av å avle friske hunder fremfor “vinnere”.

    • Tusen hjertelig takk! 4. beste hannhund er på ingen måte dårlig (kunne kanskje gått bedre om det ikke hadde blitt litt kaotisk i siste runde, men det hadde ikke blitt , men jeg må nok innrømme at jeg er mer fornøyd med å få CK!

      Jeg syns utstilling er kjempemorsomt, mye pga. det sosiale – kanskje spesielt nå som vi har campingvogn og ikke trenger kjøre frem og tilbake hver dag. Når det er sagt vil jeg understreke at jeg IKKE syns noe om at dyr «avles ihjel». Theo er ikke perfekt i utstillingssammenheng siden skallen hans ikke er rasetypisk (rund) nok, og snuten hans er noe lenger enn ønskelig – men jeg syns han er vakker, det samme gjør mange andre, og jeg vil heller ha en sunn og frisk hund enn en rasetypisk en med helsetrøbbel.

      Cuda, som ble kjøpt som utstillingshåp (etter veldig gode linjer) fikk ikke den ene hjørnetanna nede etter tannfelling, og henger derfor ut tunga. Dette er en kraftig feil i utstillingssammenheng, og han kunne derfor ikke stilles etter 8 mnd. Han har mye mer korrekt utseende enn Theo, men hva hjelper vel det? Han er dessuten 3,4 kilo, og dermed 400 gram mer enn maksvekt på chihuahua. Cuda er nå Cuda uansett, og jeg kunne ikke tenke meg en hverdag uten ham.

      Det optimale hadde jo vært å avle frem FRISKE vinnere.

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