A Make Up Store Makeup Lesson!

You might remember I mentioned the gift card from Make Up Store, which I received as a Christmas gift from my fiancé about three years ago? And how I really wanted to be able to use it, even though I was unable to enter Make Up Store with my wheelchair? Well, Friday was the day I got to go to Make Up Store for my long-awaited makeup lesson, and I had such an awesome time with Maria, the makeup artist. She's truly a wonderful person! I had absolutely no plan when I entered the store, all I wanted was to learn a thing or two about my eye shape, whether or not my "routines" are suitable for me, maybe pick up a few tips on doing an eyeliner and applying blush (my never-ending nightmare). She took such good care of me, explaining what she was doing the whole time, which products she chose and why, and I had so much fun learning new tips and tricks. The downside of the whole makeover was that I didn't want to remove my makeup before going to bed, I just couldn't stop admiring myself in the mirror! Unfortunately my picture was taken a little late in the evening, so my peachy lipgloss was long gone and some shine was starting to show.

Shamini: March 2nd 2012

The Receipe

Maria started out with using a toner on my face before moisturizing, using Easy Cover Red to cover up any redness and then applying Liquid Foundation in "Olive". Finally! This is the very first time I've actually been matched to an olive toned foundation, but since it was a tinge to dark for me at the moment she used Dual Foundation in "New York" as a powder to set the foundation with. Gorgeous! To warm up my face she picked Bronzing Powder in "Beam", which immediately looked a little scary - but gave me that perfect sun-kissed color. For my cheeks she applied Blush in "Terra", another color that suited me perfectly, applied to the apple of my cheeks and a little backwards.

For the eyebrows she pulled out the Tri Brow, used the lightest color first and then the darkest color. She even complimented me on my brows, which made me quite proud as I do them myself.

On the eyes she started with a clear primer, and with a big smile she used a Lip Pencil in "Sandstorm" as a base, before applying Microshadow in "Brown Sugar" all over the lid. She then applied "Backstage" in the outer corner and crease (rounded outer corner), before applying "Flamenco" over most of the lid, leaving the inner third. She finished off by dabbing a little bit Eyedust in "Lollipop" in the middle of the lid for extra shimmer. As a liner she smudged "Darkest Shadow" (soft matt) Eye Pencil along the lashes, no wing, and maybe one third of the lower lash line. "Pink Dream" was applied as a light pink highlight for the inner corner. On the waterline she pulled out a green called "Green Metal", which totally rocked the look.

On my lashes I had Multi Lash, a mascara really I liked a lot and have decided to go back to pick up. And then she asked me if I would like to try false lashes. False lashes! I still haven't tried false lashes, I just admire them on other people, so I figured I had to give it a try when I had the chance to have them applied by a professional. We decided on a pair called "Miss", looking quite natural - yet a little flared. What a strange feeling! My eyelids felt so heavy at first, but then I didn't notice them anymore, and I felt like I could conquer the world by batting my lashes at the right people.

Maria asked me if I wanted a lipstick or a lipgloss, but since my lips are acting silly again, being all dry and chapped, we chose a lipgloss. She the finished off the complete look with a Lipgloss Wand in "Tulip", a perfect peachy neutral lip.

The Haul

Make Up Store

Included in the makeup lesson was products worth 495,- NOK - and I had to think long and hard to decide on what to bring with me home. My haul is pictured above, and.. might possibly have cost a little more than 495,- NOK. I'll give a quick description of each product: Bronzing Powder in "Beam", Lashes in "Miss", Blush in "Terra", synthetic brow brush angle in 210, Eye Pencils in "Go Wild" and "Darkest Shadow", Easy Cover Red Concealer, Tri Brow and Eyeprimer in "Clear".

I didn't pick up any of the foundations as I wanted to think about it before splurging, but I think I'll be going back for them in March or April. Instead of "Pink Dream", the inner corner highlight, I decided on "Go Wild" instead as it's more suitable with my typical purple looks. And I'm head over heels in love with MUS eye pencils! ..That is also why I chose to buy another black pencil, "Darkest Shadow". I have several different eye primers. I think most of them are too thick, almost goopy, so when M. applied the primer I was amazed by the light feeling. It didn't sting my eyes like UDPP does, and it was a breeze to apply.

Make Up StoreDarkest Shadow · Go Wild

I have nothing but praise for Make Up Store Trondheim, and I want to thank Maria especially for everything she's done towards getting a ramp for the store entrance, for teaching me her neat tricks when it comes to makeup, and for sharing such a good time with me yesterday. As I said, you really deserve flowers, Maria!

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah '12

Posted by Shamini on March 4, 2012 – 5:46 PM

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  1. Smashing! Kjempefint bilde av deg og bra skrevet! Tusen takk for alt det fine du sier om meg. Jeg blir så glad! Skal holde deg oppdatert på rampesaken. Forhåpentligvis får jeg snart et endelig svar. Wink Kos deg med de nye produktene dine så lenge! Smile

    • Tusen hjertelig takk, Maria! Jeg mener hvert eneste ord, det skulle vært fler som deg. Smile Ser frem til oppdatering om rampen, men uansett hva som måtte skje er jeg svært takknemlig for alt du har gjort for å få fikset det! Jeg elsker de nye tingene mine, og jeg gleder meg til jeg får påfyll på kontoen sånn at jeg kan komme innom for litt mer. Wink

  2. Wow! You look so beautiful! And the colors were perfect for you! I had a lesson myself a few years ago. Very pleased!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I agree, the colors she picked were gorgeous, and right up my alley. I’ve been dreaming about this lesson since before my fiancé took the hint and got me a gift cards, so I’m really happy I got the chance to have it now. I know I’ll be doing it again! Grin

  3. Nydelig, som alltid Smile Og flotte ting du kjøpte Smile

    • Tusen takk, vakre! Det er underlig vet du, det jeg ender opp med å kjøpe fordi det passer perfekt til meg og fargene mine, er det jeg aldri ville kjøpt på eget initativ fordi jeg syns det ser så skremmende ut. Smile

  4. Gøy å lese om. Høres ut som om dere hadde det hyggelig!
    Fine produkter du har kjøpt og utrolig pent sminket!
    Heia Maria!

    • Tusen, tusen takk, Line! Jeg storkoste meg, og har veldig lyst til å ringe bort og bestille en leksjon til. Kunne gitt mye for å føle meg så fin til vanlig altså! Smile

  5. Som jeg sa på Twitter, du ble nydelig! Smile Blushen var skikkelig fin og øyevippene så perfekte ut, men samtidig naturlig! Smile

    • Tusen takk, Marie! Blushen var virkelig fin, jeg er helt enig med deg. Grin Vippene trenger tilvenning, men jeg tror jeg har fått det sparket bak jeg så sårt trengte for å komme i gang med å leke med løsvipper. Smile

  6. Syns du ser helt flawless ut altså! Også så genialt at du får plukke med deg produkter til samme pris som kurset kostet, virkelig valuta for pengene.
    Nå vil jeg også på sånn Razz

    • Tusen takk, Lene! Jeg blir så glad når jeg får sånne herlige kommentarer og tilbakemeldinger, og jeg skal spare dem alle til en grå og trist dag når jeg virkelig trenger en skikkelig oppmuntring. Grin

      Ja, jeg syns det er veldig kult at man kan plukke ut produkter for en såpass høy sum etter leksjonen – da er jo selve leksjonen gratis! Jeg valgte å ikke kjøpe øyenskyggene siden jeg nettopp har kjøpt så mange farger fra Inglot – og jeg har vel strengt tatt alle himmelens farger i samlingen allerede, men alt det andre? Det var ting jeg måtte ha. Razz Anbefaler virkelig en sånn leksjon, om det er noe du kunne tenke deg!

  7. Kjempefint, du gløder i huden og ser kjempefin ut. og jeg kan på en måte se hvorfor hun ikke vinget ut lineren, det får det til å se mye mer naturlig og større ut. Og fargene er bare helt perfekte, lillaa Grin Du ser kjempefin ut ShaminiSmile

    • Tusen takk Smile Jeg takker ansiktsproduktene fra MUS, jeg – for jeg ser virkelig ikke like bra ut til vanlig. Ja, kanskje det? Jeg har på en måte vært besatt av å få til en vinget liner, men.. det er så utrolig greit å bare bruke en farget liner når man ikke gidder styre med masse produkter, men likevel vil se litt fjong ut. Smile Tusen takk igjen! Grin

  8. Wow, sier bare eg! Du ser helt perfekt ut! Grin Huden din gløder, og du stråler <3

    • Tusen, tusen takk for de fine komplimentene! Jeg sier det igjen, jeg takker Make Up Store sine produkter for at jeg ble så fin, ja.. og Maria da, deres fantastiske makeupartist. Grin <3

  9. Honey, that blush was MADE for you! I’m so happy you finally got the lesson – and that it was such a positive experience for you! Grin

    • Thank you so much, dearest! I thought so too, it was The Perfect Color for me. I loved the lesson, and I’m already hoping to book another one later on. At least I know where I’m gonna go for my wedding makeup whenever that day arrives. Wink Make Up Store is quickly climbing my list of favorites, and as I said.. Maria is such a doll.

  10. Nydelig du var, de fargene kledde deg så utrolig godt Smile Mange fine produkter som ble med deg hjem også Smile

    • Tusen, tusen takk, Monica! Grin Make Up Store har utrolig mye fint, og å besøke en av butikkene deres er jo som å være i regnbuehimmelen. Jeg er kjempefornøyd med alt jeg kjøpte, og kommer nok til handle litt mer der denne måneden (istedet for å gå amok i de faste nettbutikkene) – blant annet maskaraen. Smile

  11. Du GLØDER!! Herregud så fint! Gjett hvem som også vil…..

  12. Jeg og vil!!!!! Smile du var fantastisk flott på det bildet!

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