I never thought I'd say this, but it's actually quite good to be back home - even though I wish we've had more time in London. On Saturday I felt so lousy I didn't manage to anything at all, most likely from the very long drive we had on Friday. We ended up spending about 15 hours in the car, plus the three hours on the ferry across Skagerrak. We arrived home at about 4 AM, and for several reasons we weren't in bed until 7 AM. Exhausting!

When I knew I was going to IMATS for real, knowing that Inglot would have a booth there, I pictured my upcoming haul. Oddly enough I didn't have a list ready until the evening before we left for London, and I was so sick of looking through swatches online. Yesterday I sorted the squares into three palettes - try suffering from "makeup OCD" while doing this - but I'm not so sure I'm content with the result. Some of the colors turn up completely different on camera, so they don't look as neat as I thought they would, but hey.. at least they're pretty to look at! If I ever purchase more eyeshadows from Inglot, as I'm sure I will, I'll end up rearrange them anyway.

If you want to see what I hauled at Inglot, continue reading.

The Eyeshadows

Choosing between the many eyeshadows Inglot have to offer is an impossible task, especially if you're an enthusiast (or addict) like I am. As I already mentioned I looked through an endless number of swatches online before deciding on the 30 colors I'll show you below. Originally I had set a limit of two palettes for myself, but it turned out to be too difficult.. so two became three. Excellent choice, no?

Greens, maybe especially those with a golden tint, look great with my dark brown eyes - and I have a thing for aquas. Maybe it's because I'm longing for spring? P413 turns up as a blue in my photo, but I disagree. I've placed it with my aquas and greens as it looks like a kind of sea foam turquoise to me, reminding me of mermaid scales glimmering in the sun. How's that for poetic? If you google the swatch you'll see what I mean. M382, the bright raspberry red, was a fun color - and bright colors always make me smile.

AMC Shine 24 · AMC Shine 32 · Pearl 413 · Matte 382 · Pearl 450
AMC Shine 17 · Pearl 414 · Pearl 418 · Pearl 412 · Pearl 419

Being a real sucker for a monochrome smoky eye, I picked up five taupe/gray variations with this in mind. I also really like taupes, my one go-to eyeshadow being "Satin Taupe" from M·A·C, so I know I'll reach for these. Two of them also have a slight purple pull. I think this might be my favorite palette of the three. As I absolutely adore the Inglot purples I already own, I figured it wouldn't hurt to get a few more. Purples are always a must-have with me. One color I'd bring with me to a desert island? I couldn't care less as long as it's purple.

AMC Shine 36 · Pearl 451 · Pearl 444 · Pearl 420 · Pearl 434
AMC Shine 22 · Pearl 439 · Double Sparkle 491 · AMC Shine 40 · Double Sparkle 494

Originally I wanted to compose a neutrals palette, but clearly I failed. I picked up a selection of golds and browns, whereas three of them are good matte transition colors. I only found three blues that really appealed to me, and P428 is a huge favorite. It's gorgeous! P452 is not really a brown, but a dark burgundy red unlike anything I've seen before. I'm not a big fan of red eyeshadow, as it's very easy to end up looking like you're ill. Even so I'm always on the lookout for the perfect red, and I think this one might be nice to combine with a black or charcoal gray for a sultry and sexy smoky eye.

Matte 358 · Matte 360 · Matte 378 · Pearl 402 · Pearl 406
Pearl 423 · Pearl 452 · Pearl 429 · Pearl 428 · Double Sparkle 483

The Rainbow

I've seen these rainbow eyeshadows in many blogs, featured in many YouTube videos, but they never managed to catch my attention. Renate ordered two of them for herself a while back, and I really liked her swatches. She always has perfect swatches! In addition to the two brown ones, I also decided on the gray one simply because I thought it might be good for smoky looks. I always appreciate good mattes!

117R · 112R · 120R

The Blush

My list didn't have anything else than eyeshadows, but when we went to Westfield London I ended up getting a blush palette as well - in addition to a few other things, keep reading. I think these blushes look a tiny bit brighter on camera, but apart from that they are very much true to color. They don't look as scary in the pan, I promise. I think it's a nice selection of colors, and they suit my skin tone very well. I guess this is my queue to start wearing some blush on an every day basis? I'm wearing one of these blushes, I think it's no. 40, in two of the pictures here. Personally I'd use a lighter hand when applying them, but it made me look a lot fresher and more alive.

27 · 30 · 40 · 33

The Miscellaneous

I don't know why I chose to include this photo, as it doesn't really show anything, but bear with me please. I feel like everything camera related is cursed at the moment! The turquoise eyeliner is a lot brighter in real life, and I just had to have it the instant I saw it. The other eyeliner is just plain ol' black, and both of them have a matte finish. I'm usually not into glitters, but the sparkles in these two are incredibly gorgeous! I have no idea what I'll use them for, but I was thinking of making my own eyeliner maybe. Something like that. The brush doesn't need any further explanation.

AMC Eyeliner Gel 77 and 87 · Blush Brush 15BJF/S
Body Sparkles 57 and 59

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah '12

Posted by Shamini on February 13, 2012 – 11:40 AM

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  1. Likte øyeskyggepalett nr. 2 kjempegodt! Så mange fine farger, perfekt til smoky eyes som du sier Grin Og fargene på blushene var kjempefine, friske! Smile Du kommer nok til å ha mye gøy fremover!

    • Tusen takk, Marie! Jeg er forelsket i alle sammen. Hadde jeg vært bedre på å swatche, så skulle jeg gitt det en sjanse, men jeg syns ikke det blir noe bra – og da lar jeg heller være, for husfredens skyld. Wink Ser veldig frem til å leke meg med dem, og sette sammen farger til kule looks!

  2. Har sett på disse bildene og bare smilt i flere minutter jeg nå, hihi. Inglot makes me happy Wink Den lilla/grå paletten din er helt fantastisk *sikle* Gleder meg skikkelig til å besøke Inglot om ca. uker, spent på om jeg klarer å styre meg, haha. Den grå rainbowen ser også veldig fin ut, grå matte av god kvalitet er så ikke hverdag så jeg er spent på hva du syns om den Smile Og tusen takk for komplimentet, søta Grin

    • Du er som meg du. Littegrann insane. Wink Inglot er så elsk! Jeg ble som en unge i godteributikken, og kunne nok kjøpt alle sammen om jeg hadde hatt penger til det. Jeg gleder meg enormt masse til du har vært i Nederland, sånn at jeg kan få se og høre om alt du har kjøpt! Jeg skal oppdatere deg ang. den grå. Ingenting å takke for! Spør du meg, så har du de beste swatchene blant norske bloggere. Wink Ingen over, ingen ved siden!

  3. Fantastisk alt! Er nesten så jeg kommer til Trøndelag og stjeler den lilla/grå/taupe-paletten. Razz Tre av mine favoritt farger i samme palette! Wink

  4. How utterly gorgeous! You lucky, lucky woman. Excellent haulage! You done me proud Smile My absolute favourite is the Matte 378 one. A-ma-azing! Grin

    • Thank you, darling – glad to hear you approve. Wink I could have done a lot more damage, but I ended up spending way too much money.. I love Inglot, and I’m so pleased with my new palettes and choices. Grin

  5. Sikle sikle! Så mange vakre farger på en og samme tid… oh my! Grin Eg fikk tak i tre øyenskygger og en blush fra Inglot når eg var i Danmark, men har ikke fått vist dem frem på bloggen enda. Kanskje i morgen (søndag altså) Smile Vil ha mer!

    • Som jeg pleier å si; “I died and went to rainbow heaven!”.. fargene er til å dø for, jeg elsker utvalget! Fargene du hadde valgt deg ut var kjempefine, håper vi får se en look om ikke så veldig lenge? Smile

  6. What a beautiful haul…I love the rainbow shadows Smile I bought 5 of them at Imats it’s a good way to give Inglot a try. Especially if you like mattes. Love the purple toned palette excellent choise. My friends who was with me at Imats bouth a few of their glitters too, she loves everything that glitters and sparkles…

    • Thank you so much, Nele! When I was going through pages of Inglot swatches before going to London, I didn’t really like many of their mattes – but the rainbows are really nice. Which ones did you get? Purples are my absolute favorite, give me purples and I’m happy. Wink I’m not very into glitters or sparkles, but I do love shimmer, which is why I got so many of their pearl eyeshadows. Very pleased! Grin

  7. Ååhh, så fine!! Jeg elskerelskerelsker spesielt den lilla, men alle var nyyyydelig! Blir nesten bare sittende og smile jeg også Smile

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