IMATS London 2012

Sadly, another awesome day filled with makeup, wonder and fantastic people is over. I was sad to leave Alexandra Palace for the last time, knowing that the IMATS adventure of 2012 was already over. My London adventure isn't quite over yet, and I hope I'll get the opportunity to come back for IMATS 2013. It's been an exciting, fun, overwhelming, exhausting and just.. amazing weekend I'll keep close to my heart, and never forget!

Today was a lot calmer than yesterday, surely because England experienced a "heavy" snowfall last night, causing quite a lot of traffic chaos. Trains weren't leaving their stations, buses didn't go up hills, cars had trouble making turns in general. Oddly enough they don't seem to be used to snow over here, and are all driving on summer tires. Thankfully we had no problems getting around, so getting to Ally Pally was a breeze. I didn't haul a lot, as I spent most of my money on yesterday's treasures, but it didn't make my day less eventful, on the contrary! First and foremost I had the pleasure of spending the day with my dearest Pinchypeach, who always brightens my day no matter what. Then I met Koren also known as EnKore on YouTube, Chirufus from Twitter, the darling Alex C. from Illamasqua (and I finally got to give her a hug), and a little later we "ran into" Nicola and Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo! Luckily we got to talk to them before everyone else discovered that they had arrived, and they were really wonderful. It's really strange meeting people like that, you feel like you've known them forever (just from watching all their videos or reading their blogs).

IMATS London 2012: EnKore

IMATS London 2012: Pixiwoo

IMATS London 2012: Chirufus

IMATS London 2012: Alex C. from Illamasqua

I don't know what it is, but I've been feeling really at home here. No one looks twice at me (the wheelchair), not even the children, and people are polite and helpful everywhere. In IMATS it felt amazing to be in an environment full of others sharing the same interest and passion for makeup as myself, as well as experiencing the talent of the students doing their projects and exploring the different brands and booths. IMATS London 2012 might be over, but it has been a fantastic weekend. And should you ever get the chance to attend, then go!

What's IMATS without a(nother) haul?

Surely you saw another haul coming, no? As I already said I didn't get too much this time. I'm starting to save up for next year's IMATS now, that's for sure, there were so many things I wanted to bring with me home! Bah, I wish I was a millionaire.. I'm pleased with myself for having the amount of self-control needed to avoid more damage to the VISA card, even though I've probably spent too much anyway. I'm really sorry about the poor quality in this photo, but all I had to work with was a compact camera, hotel sheets and yellow lighting.

I went to PAM with Pinchy just to have a look, and ended up picking up two Louise Young brushes. Or, one brush (LY14) and one spoolie actually. I'm not completely sure, but I think they cheated us a little. A sign said that the brushes was 20% off for IMATS, but I ended up paying full price for the two. I would have picked up a few more to try them out, and I kinda regret not getting the blending brush, but since I got the OCC set yesterday and the Louise Young brushes are a bit on the pricy side, I felt content with the two.

Illamasqua was pretty much sold out of everything, but they had a small sale of three eyeshadows or three nail varnishes for £10. I could of course have gone to their booth yesterday, but it was so crowded all the time! Since I don't own any of their eyeshadows from before (apart from the Pink Smoke palette) - imagine that, I picked out "Predator" (pillar box red), "Vulgar" (bright flame orange) and "YES!" (bright canary yellow) from the ones they had left. All three have a matte finish, and originally cost £15.50 a piece. I'm picturing a fierce flame or sunset look with these bad boys, and I'm anxious to try them out. I will however take better photos before using them!

There was a lot of different booths selling false lashes, but I ventured into the one by Eldora where I picked out three pairs: H128, B171 and D121. I also stopped by PaperSelf, but I pretty much decided they cost too much. They were adorable! So precious. Every pair was like a tiny piece of artwork. I'm sure I could have added a lot of different lashes to my haul, but until I actually start wearing them.. I'll avoid going crazy.

The very last thing I purchased today was the smallest Z Palette in black. I have never liked these kind of palettes, but after having gone abroad with several larger palettes in my luggage I just found it easier to have a customizable palette for times like that. This little palette fits nine M·A·C eyeshadow pans, and it also looks pretty sturdy. Perfect for mixing and matching when you're going away, and I might end up getting a couple more.

As for the rest of the photos I'll be uploading them to some kind of online gallery for you to browse. I probably won't be doing any editing before uploading, so you'll have to excuse whatever. Oh, and if you think the colors look off in these pictures, it's simply because of all the gigantic spotlights everywhere - my camera didn't handle them too well. Will post a link when it's done!

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah '12

Posted by Shamini on February 5, 2012 – 11:29 PM

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  1. It is so nice to see you and my bestie Nele together Shamini! Smile I am glad you had such a wonderful time and could haul so many pretties! <3

    • Thank you so much, Jeanette! Next time you’ll have to join us, no? I don’t think my bank account was as pleased with my hauling, especially not since I hauled even more after IMATS, but I’m happy – and I can’t wait to get home and photograph everything so I can start playing around with it all. Smile <3

  2. Det høres så UTROLIG gøy ut, og jeg har SÅ lyst til å dra neste år! Grin Og de tre øyeskyggene ser helt fantastiske ut, skikkelige “meg”-farger Wink

  3. It was lovely to meet you Shamini – hopefully will see you next year – Alex xx

    • You too! I’ll keep you posted, and hopefully.. hopefully! we’ll be back for next IMATS! Hope it was OK that I posted the picture of us. We’ll keep in touch. Smile xx

  4. Jeg MÅ bare dra på IMATS en gang. Så gøy at du møtte Pixiwoo jentene! Grin Kuuult!

  5. Coren, pixi sisters??? du din heldigr…Razz De er jo helt fantastiske når det gjelder sminke, ihveftfall nic syns jeg er kjempe pen og veeldig flink. koren er bare så entusiastisk og positiv.
    Neeste år…neste år…*tralala*

    • Jeg sier det igjen, får du sjansen til å dra på IMATS, så ikke nøl.. Nic og Sam var utrolig pene og hyggelige, begge to. De to jentene er jo vidt forskjellige på alle måter, så jeg ser alltid alle videoene deres uansett hvem som står bak. Smile

  6. Oj du fick träffa Koren och Pixiwoo systrarna Grin Oj är så glad för din skull Smile
    Jag gillar Illamasqua skuggorna.. jag äger inget själv från dem men en dag ska jag banne mig göra det Smile

    • Koren måtte jeg “løpe” etter for å spørre etter et bilde, men jeg kunne jo ikke la være! Pixiwoos var utrolig søte, og det var kjempegøy å møte dem. Smile

      Illamasqua er absolutt verdt å sjekke ut! De har utrolig mye kult, mye annerledes og fargerikt. Smile “Makeup for the alter ego”, vet du! Smile Klem!

  7. Thanks for spending the day with me! It was most amazing Smile

  8. Så heldig du er som fikk møte disse menneskene! Kunne godt tenkt meg å møte Koren og Pixiwoo-søstrene Smile Og neste år, da tar jeg også turen Smile

    • Koren trodde sikkert jeg var en stalker eller noe, for jeg måtte “løpe” etter ham for å spørre om jeg kunne få ta et bilde av oss. Litt frampå må man jo nesten være. Wink Pixiwoos made my day! Håper jeg kommer meg avgårde neste år også, det hadde vært utrolig morsomt. Grin

  9. Så gøy å treffe mennesker man har fulgt ei stund, kan lett tro at Pixiwoosøstrene er hyggelige i virkeligheten også. Wink Illamasqua skyggene hørtes veldig spreke ut, gleder meg til å se de i en look Smile

    • Det er egentlig helt underlig. Det er jo bare vanlige mennesker, men likevel føles det som om man treffer kjendiser, og en blir litt “starstruck” (iallfall jeg). De var kjempekoselige med beina godt planta på jorda, og jeg tror faktisk de begge syns det var stas at det var så mange som ville ta bilder og snakke med dem. Smile Ydmyke er kanskje det rette ordet.

      Skal se hva jeg får til ang. en look med Illamasqua sine øyenskygger! Er igrunn veldig spent på dem selv. Jeg tror jeg lider av søvnunderskudd, så jeg har ikke hatt så mye ork siden jeg kom hjem. Smile

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