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I've done a few posts about Make Up Store in the past, and if you take a closer look at these comments you'll understand from our discussion why I've been pretty frustrated with them. I used to love going there just to get lost in my own little Rainbow Heaven, but then they moved and a flight of stairs was suddenly preventing me (and others like me) from entering their store. It made me "boycott" the brand, as I feel like one should be able to expect accessibility in 2010, but now I have officially lifted my "boycott" and I really want to praise Make Up Store for the way they've handled my feeback. I've been communicating with them on Facebook, and our store has now requested a ramp for their entrance. Sadly such a ramp is quite expensive and it has to be approved by the main office, but at least Make Up Store Trondheim has shown understanding and initiative - and I'm thankful for that, it means a lot to me!

About three years ago Øyvind gave me a gift card from Make Up Store for a 50 minute makeup lesson and my choice of products worth 495,- NOK for Christmas. It was the perfect gift, but for several reasons I was always prevented from using it while they were still situated at Trondheim Torg, and when they moved to their new location I figured I'd missed my opportunity. Since I was unable to let it go, I asked them via Facebook if I could still trade my gift card for the products at least as I thought I would be unable to have the lesson done (because of the stairs and everything). She who replied was really nice, and told me to stop by during January to have my gift card redeemed.

The Inevitable Haul

So last Friday I decided to go to Make Up Store, bringing my own car ramp to be able to enter the store. Since I didn't know whether or not it would work, I had asked if Øyvind could pick up a few items for me, just in case. As it turned out there's was no need for a personal shopper, my ramp got me safely into the store. I wandered around for a while, eyeing all their colorful makeup, before I let myself be drawn to the pencils. You might remember that I purchased three pencils at KICKS back in November? Well, I liked them so much that wanted to see if they had more of the Soft Metallics. I found one I didn't see at KICKS named "Wooden Metal", and had a really hard time putting it down. As I was the only customer there at the time, I also had the pleasure of having the wonderful M. to myself, so I started asking her for advice on which colors would look good with my dark brown eyes. She told me that I could use both warm and cool tones, it's the second time this week I've learned that, and pulled out a selection of blues, purples and browns, among them a mesmerizing dark blue and a gorgeous purple. Since I'm supposed to be saving money for our upcoming trip to London, I couldn't go as insane as I would have wanted, so I ended up deciding on "Deep Blue Sea" and "Wooden Metal", in addition to their Blending Eyeliner Brush 217. I was kinda amazed by this brush! It looks like a regular pencil brush (most brands have one), but it had a firmness I've been missing with the pencil brushes I already own. It's synthetic as well, and will be absolutely perfect for smudging any liner, above or below the lash line.

Make Up Store: Deep Blue Sea and Wooden Metal

Make Up Store: Deep Blue Sea and Wooden Metal

As it turns out I'm getting my makeup lesson after all, and I'm looking forward to it come March. A great big thanks to M., for making my Friday pretty much perfect! And for doing a pretty good job in restoring my faith in humanity.

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah '12

Posted by Shamini on January 26, 2012 – 12:00 PM

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  1. De fargene så utrolig fine ut! Jeg liker MUS sine eyelinere veldig godt, selvom jeg bare har en foreløpig, i fargen Czar, metallisk “gammel”gull-farge, vanskelig å beskrive, men veldig unik og kul! Smile
    Og fantastisk at de faktisk har bestemt seg for å kjøpe en rampe så de som trenger det også kan shoppe hos dem! De mistet jo faktisk en veldig god kunde da du begynte å boikotte dem, så tror de tjener godt på å få deg tilbake Wink
    Har lest noe på Twitter om at du skal på IMATS? Når er det? Smile

    • Jeg kikket faktisk på “Czar” og lurer på om jeg ikke må plukke den med meg neste gang jeg er der. Er veldig glad i linere i gull, og disse blyantene er jo uimotståelige!

      Jeg ble utrolig glad og ikke minst takknemlig da jeg fikk vite at de har bestilt en rampe, så jeg krysser alt som krysses kan for at ikke hovedkontoret sier nei pga. prisen. Lokalet er luftig og fint, så det er liksom ikke noe problem å manøvrere der inne heller. Kommer rampen opp, ja.. da kommer jeg nok til å måtte kalle MUS mitt andre hjem (stakkars VISA-kort).. Wink

      Ja, det stemmer, jeg skal på IMATS i London som er den 4.-5. februar!

  2. Den blå eyelineren så utrolig fin ut Smile

  3. Hooray! I’m so happy to hear they’re taking your feedback seriously – about time, I might add! Smile The pencils do look pretty awesome. I’m trying to show some restraint too – must resist temptation!

    Will you wear one of them tomorrow? Wink

    • Maybe a bit too late as we saw each other today, but yes! I wore “Wooden Metal” and even though I should have smudged it a bit, I really loved the color and it was easy to apply. Still now, several hours later, the liner is still where it’s supposed to be – and I’ve got a great big smile on my face. Thank you for sharing today with us!

      I’m really eager to see what’ll happen with Make Up Store, whether or not they will OK the ramp, but I’m crossing everything possible! Grin These pencils are indeed awesome, I’m already a big fan (as long as it’s the soft ones) and I’ll be using them a lot, experimenting with different ways of using them. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone by using them on my lower lash line, but I like it!

      Counting the days until next weekend, dear!

  4. Det gjør så godt når det nytter å si fra om ting! Jeg heier på deg Smile

  5. Jeg håper at de får godkjent rampen, men det er jo uansett veldig bra at de tar deg og andre med samme behov på alvor! Produktene var nydelige også, tror jeg må sjekke ut linerne deres neste gang jeg er innom MUS. Wink

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