Interior blogging now?

This is me pulling a stunt, I'm trying out interior blogging! We've been talking about refurbishing our bedroom for a while now, and during the holidays we finally got around to starting on our project. We decided to paint the entire room, walls and ceiling, adding trims along the ceiling and new ones around the doors. Originally everything was painted "white", or as it turned out: a yellowish eggshell. We kept the floor, oak wood floors, painted the ceiling and trims in a matte "Classic White" and chose "Macchiato" for the walls. Unfortunately the color doesn't show up anywhere near true on the photos below, but it's like a light caffè latte as shown on the paint chip above. My Canon DSLR utterly sucks, and the warm lighting in the room makes the walls look grayish.. ugh. We're really happy with the actual color, it's warm and cosy without being too dark. To make the room look as neat and tidy as possible we kept the white details throughout the entire room, like the white computer desk, the white closets, the white makeup chest and the white bed.

This brings me to the bed, as pictured below. Since I'm in a wheelchair I need help to get in and out of bed. I'm quite small and just about as light as a feather, so I'm easily lifted from A to B. To make this as effortless and easy as possible, we wanted a bed tall enough to prevent any serious strain on the back for the person helping me. Let me tell you, it's impossible to find a nice bed that's also tall enough or possible to modify to get the desired height. In addition to wanting a taller bed, we also wanted some kind of solution where we could store boxes underneath without making it hard to clean, or even look like a complete mess. Our solution? Build our own bed, of course! I'm going to give Øyvind all the credit for our new bed, because he was the one who went out and bought all materials needed, designed a functional bed as we pictured it, and built it. Awesomeness! I'm really proud, not to say lucky, to have such a multitalented fiancé. We chose to skip the headboard for now, but it can easily be added later on if desired. He also made a bench to hold things like an alarm clock, our phones, a lamp, and other necessities.

Since we only have a two-room apartment, we've been using part of our living room as an office, and it automatically generates a lot of clutter. Everywhere. It doesn't leave a very nice impression when it's the first thing people see when they visit us. For this reason we decided to move my computer into the bedroom, a solution I'm quite happy with. Øyvind built me my own private corner office, and I bought an ALEX chest from IKEA to keep most of my makeup in. The plan is to keep the computer stuff to a minimal and on the right side, and then use the remaining space for neat makeup organization - a space where I can do my makeup, play around with colors and products, without having to clean up and move everything around after each time. I like it! Definitely my new favorite place.

Originally we had our PAX closets in the corner where I now have my office space (sounds so important). As most things IKEA they are very customizable, so when we decided to move them to the other wall, we just removed the corner and "folded" them out. I'm the first to say how much I hate IKEA, but I really like our closets. This way we also have the possibility of adding another module, should we ever need more room for clothing. At the far end of the row we have a smaller cabinet, originally meant for paperwork and binders, which I've now seized for storing a larger makeup related items, perfumes and possibly also jewelry. One of the walls in the bedroom is ceiling to floor windows, which makes it a real challenge to work with. We've chosen sheer curtains in a light beige - nothing makes my day like waking up with the sun on my face! The original curtain tray was a hideous teak-looking thing, so we painted it in the same matte "Classic White" to match the trimmings.

I might add some additional photos, or simply do another post, when I'm done organizing my corner space. For those of you interested in makeup and the likes of it, I'm planning a collection video or photo series (or even a combination) when I've sorted through my chaos. I've done most of my stash, leaving me with a large box of "unwanted" items, so I'm thinking about doing a blog sale or a few giveaways in the near future.

Next project: the living room!

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah '12

Posted by Shamini on January 14, 2012 – 1:56 AM

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  1. Det ble utrolig fint! Jeg vil gjerne se bilder når du får organisert litt mer, ja. Og wow, handy fyr du har som kan bygge seng, heldig der 8)

    • Hjertelig takk! Da skal jeg prøve å få fiksa en “fortsettelse” etterhvert, det lar litt tid å komme seg på plass. Ja, jeg er veldig stolt av ham – for ikke å snakke om imponert! Senga er perfekt. Grin

  2. Synes det er gøy med litt interiør og jeg Wink Så snill og ikke minst flink kjæreste du har, skikkelig fin seng ble det. Jeg vil GJERNE se makeupsamlingen din jeg altså. Synes det er kjempegøy å se hva andre har Smile

    • Tusen takk, Monica! Jo, jeg har bestemt meg for å vise fram makeupsamlingen på en eller annen måte. Litt usikker på om det blir video eller bilder, siden jeg må ha hjelp med å få det til, men vi får se. Smile Jeg liker også å se hva andre har, syns det er både spennende og inspirerende, men jeg syns det er litt skummelt å “skryte” når jeg har så mye greier. Kjæresten min er best! Grin Tusen takk. Smile

  3. Jaaa, mer interiørblogging! Dere har et nydelig soverom,wow.Og jeg, hva har jeg? Jo,en nydelig kommode! Wink

    • Hihi, så entusiastisk! Jeg tror vel egentlig ikke dette er min nisje, men jeg lover å oppdatere når det har blitt litt mindre tomt (når det ser ut som om at det bor noen her). Kjempeglad for at du liker kommoden! Og tusen hjertelig takk for kompliment. Grin

  4. Just find out about your blog Smile and I love it because your not talking or shut I say write about make up.
    Your refurbishing project is realy cool…like the color combination that you used complete my style.

    Know I need to find out how I can leave a comments when I’m using my phone or tablet. Because it’s not possible if you use the google reader app.

    • Thank you so much, chirufus! I’m happy to “see” you here. Smile I write a lot about makeup too, and shopping, but this blog started out as my personal diary, so I’ve kept on writing about personal stuff too. Smile I’m glad you like our bedroom! I’ll post more photos when it’s all done (and organized), and I get my camera back.

      I’m using Safari on both my phone and my tablet, and it works like a charm. I don’t know about the Google Reader app, as I’ve never used it myself, I’m sorry.

  5. You have a nice variation on your blog, and of course the writing about the dogs. All my stuff is running on Android because tha Apple stuff is so expensive over here :-\ And for me just starting it’s ok what they can do Wink

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