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Mr. Postman always makes my day. On October 6th he came by with my very first order from Nail Supplies. Since I had a moment of boredom a while back I went a little crazy for nail polishes, and this is my haul. I have no idea why I keep hoarding nail polish, but I cannot seem to avoid it. Thank goodness for thinner! So today my Small Flat Rate arrived in my mailbox, filled to the brim with gorgeous nail polishes in wonderful colors perfect for fall! I also finally got around to picking up two new base/top coats: CND™ Stickey™ and Gelous™ Gel - the latter is said to be a very good coat for topping off glitter polishes, because of its thicker consistency.

  • Gelous™ Advanced Nail Gel Coat
  • CND™ Stickey™ Anchoring Base Coat
  • CND™ Colour 582 Dark Amethyst
  • CND™ Colour 583 Midnight Sapphire
  • CND™ Effects 584 Sheer 24K Sparkle
  • Color Club® 852 Revvvolution
  • Color Club® 898 Red Velvet
  • Color Club® 893 Nothing But Truffle
  • Color Club® 902 Covered In Diamonds
  • essie® 696 Chinchilly

Unfortunately I found it impossible to photo the three darkest gems from Color Club, but I decided to add photos to the post anyway. Please excuse the quality! As so many times before Neglelakkmani was the one who influenced me into buying some of these nail polishes. This because I trust her opinions and judgement completely, if she recommends something then it's worth checking out. I was already planning on giving Color Club a try, and "Chinchilly" had to be mine because of its name (me having former career as a chinchilla breeder). I decided to ask Karianne over at Neglelakkmani if there was anything else I should get while I was at it, I mean.. you can fit nine nail polishes into a SFRB, I would be an idiot not to take advantage. Right? Right. She told me about the brand new, and limited edition, The Look Fall/Winter 2011 from CND - them being one-coaters and all she knew I'd be intrigued. And boy, I am. If you don't believe me, check out her own swatches. Amazeballs!

CND™ Stickey™ · CND Dark Amethyst · CND Midnight Sapphire · CND Sheer 24K Sparkle

From Color Club I just had to have "Revvvolution" after seeing these swatches, it being a charcoal grey holographic polish. It might seem like this specific polish exist in at least two different versions, but I haven't bothered researching it properly. I've got my one bottle, and I'm content with that. In the bottle I can't see any holographic shimmer at all. None. Zip. Nada. Since we're not blessed with much sunshine nowadays I can't really put it to the test, but I'll get back to you on the matter. I'll be seriously disappointed if it's just.. flat.

The two next polishes from Color Club are from the same collection - Untamed Luxury - and are called "Nothing But Truffle" and "Red Velvet". I'm not sure which one I'd place on top of my list of favorites from this haul, but it's a close one between the three. "Nothing But Truffle" is a blackened base with copper shimmer, and it looks like the perfect mysterious color for the dark months of October and November. "Red Velvet" on the other hand, is a simply gorgeous black jelly base packed with tiny red glitter - and it's pretty similar to China Glaze Lubu Heels, Eyeko Vampira and Milani Spellbound according to The Hungry Asian. As I don't own any of the mentioned polishes from before, I settled on Red Velvet (despite my hate for glitter) and I'm loving it!

Last, but certainly not least, it's the gem of my haul: "Covered in Diamonds", also from Untamed Luxury. I would have to say it's more of a layering polish than one that would work on it's own, with its transparent base bursting with multicolored flakes of glitter resembling tiny shards of glass. I could seriously stare at the magic going on inside the bottle all day! There might be other polishes like this one out there, but I haven't seen one, and I can imagine the most boring nails turning into nails you can't take your eyes off, if you top your manicure off with these "diamonds".

Color Club Revvvolution · Color Club Nothing But Truffle · Color Club Red Velvet · Color Club Covered in Diamonds
essie® Chinchilly

Swatches of "Nothing But Truffle", "Red Velvet" and "Covered in Diamonds" (and the remaining polishes from this collection) can be found at The Hungry Asian.

O·P·I Suede

I also got my hands on the whole O·P·I Suede collection a little while back, solely because Neglelakkmani described them as "sweatpants for the nails", and seriously.. who doesn't want an easy and quick solution for beautiful nails? OK, so I might be easy to persuade then. I did debate whether or not to look for them as I own essie® Matte About You (a top coat for making any nail polish matte), but someone told me that it wouldn't be the same thing - and actually, Scrangie has a post with pictures that shows exactly that. Scroll down to the end of Scrangies post to see the difference between the original, the original with matte top coat, the Suede version and finally the Suede version with a regular top coat. Gabrielle over at The Edge of Sanity has also posted swatches worth taking a closer look at. Was I sold? Oh yes siree!

We'll Always Have Paris · Lincoln Park After Dark · Ink
Russian Navy · You Don't Know Jacques · Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees

I actually wore the gorgeous blue "Russian Navy Suede" on my nails last weekend, and it was immensely easy to work with. It required almost no clean up, which made the whole manicure a real breeze, and one coat was enough to make the color deep and opaque. Unfortunately I noticed tip wear after only 24 hours, but I guess it should be expected for a manicure without base or top coat.

Ozotic Pro Multi Chromatics

I never mentioned that I ordered the Ozotic Pro Multi Chromatics from piCture pOlish in Australia back in mid-August either. Funny story actually. I was sitting on the fence as usual, waiting for God knows what, and failed to decide whether or not to order these gorgeous multi-chrome polishes - until one of them actually got discontinued. Bah. I hate it when that happens, and apparently I never learn. So I sent a few e-mails, asked around, and managed to find one bottle of the "503 Rainforest" with my name on it. When that was done I figured I could add the rest of the Multi Chromatics to my order while already at it, and as said.. well, as done. After a lot of e-mails back and forth my package was finally on its way from Australia to Norway, and they certainly didn't disappoint me as I ripped open the bubble wrap to reveal them. Since I suffer from a mild case of OCD, it hurt a little inside as I discovered that I had received one of the new bottles, but at least I got them all before it was too late.

  • Ozotic Pro Multi Chromatic 502 Sands
  • Ozotic Pro Multi Chromatic 503 Rainforest
  • Ozotic Pro Multi Chromatic 504 Twilight
  • Ozotic Pro Multi Chromatic 505 Eclipse
  • Ozotic Pro Multi Chromatic 506 Reef
  • Ozotic Pro Multi Chromatic 520 Molten
  • Ozotic Pro Multi Chromatic 521 Sunset

502 · 503 · 504 · 505 · 506 · 521 · 520

I might, reluctantly, agree on what many nail bloggers have said many times already, the shipping was a bit steep, but shipping is what it is - glass bottles do weigh a bit. piCture pOlish now offer international shipping through DHL, which means it'll arrive within days even if you're on the other side of the world from Australia. Quite neat if you ask me, and piCture pOlish have the best customer service you could ever ask for.

And as a little bonus I give you the link to two bloggers showing extraordinary swatches of the now discontinued 502 Rainforest and the magnificent 505 Eclipse! If you poke around Google you'll find swatches of most of these polishes, some good - and some.. not so good. Keep in mind that these babies need a black base to shine, as they are too sheer to use on their own.

Le Métier de Beauté Rock 'n' Romance

Having typed this much about nail polish already, I might as well tell you about the limited edition Nordstrom exclusive Le Métier de Beauté Rock 'n' Romance nail polish set I've had sitting on my desk for a couple of months now. I would never have had the chance to get my hands on these beauties if it hadn't been for the sweet and wonderful Blushing Noir - thank you a million times, dear! This set consists of four polishes: "True Romance", "Heat of the Night", "Midnight Rendevouz" and "Chrome Passion", and even though the bottles are indeed tiny (about 4 ml each), they are so.. extravagant. So classy. So sophisticated.

True Romance · Heat of the Night · Midnight Rendevouz · Chrome Passion

If you'd like to read more about these beauties, seeing more pictures and swatches? Please visit Blushing Noir. Grin

Do you indulge in the occasional nail polish haul?

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah '11

Posted by Shamini on October 12, 2011 – 6:18 PM

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  1. Hoho, det var haulet sitt det! Utrolig mye fine skatter der! <3

  2. Wow… jag har också hamnat i en nagellacks hoarding fas… vet inte vad sjutton som flugit i mig Grin
    Du har köpt riktigt fina lack…. Essies Chinchilly ser underbar Grin
    Mitt ha begär växte lite pga Ozotic lacken… oj så fina Smile

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